Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Morally Inverted World Of Barack Obama

     "There has never been so little violence in the world as there is now." These words, spoken as part of a recent speech by President Obama, are not evidence of a deluded mind, a flimsily constructed lie, or even an out of touch ideology. These things are all true to a certain extent, but more importantly these words are exemplary of a historically out of proportion hubris from a man who believes in his ability to make what is not, is, simply by saying so.
     Democrat Adlai Stevenson once said that when "America stumbles, the world falls." And so it has been under the non-leadership of Barack Obama. The current president was inaugurated with an Iraq well on its way to becoming a self-governing, stable nation. Egypt was under the control Hosni Mubarak, a dictator, but who kept his country's peace with its neighbors and terrorists in check. Libya was ruled by the iron fist of Muammar Khadafy, who in turn had been militarily neutered by George W. Bush. Ukraine was enjoying a Russian-free existence. There was no ISIS, 150,000 Syrians were still alive that have since been killed in that country's violent war, and Israel had no questions about the friendship and support of the United States.
     Barack Obama and the rest of the Leftist intelligentsia mistakenly think that the projection of American power is the cause of conflict around the world, instead of the absence of that power leading to the encouragement of world conflict. The president's wager that if America backed out of a dominant role in influencing world events there would be less violence, has come up snake eyes in a big way. We now see what the world looks like without strong American leadership, and like it or not, the United States has an obligation to promote the values of liberty and civilization, especially in parts of the world where those principles are anathema to those in control.
     It is Barack Obama's inability to see evil in the world, except when he can wrap it in the U.S. flag, that has contributed the rise of Islamic radicalism. This flawed and dangerous thinking was in evidence in the campaign of 2008 when he answered a pointed question from Pastor Warren about what he considered evil, and Mr. Obama said poverty in America's streets. It is the desire on the part of Barack Obama to equate half a century of failed Leftist policy with the concept of evil, and apparently give a pass to the truly evil of the world, that is the most obtusely dangerous quality I have ever seen in a president.
     In the morally inverted world of Barack Obama there is no evil except the United States. There is no earned wealth, only enforced poverty on the many by the few. And there can be no world peace when America is strong in practicing its founding principles because those values are corrupt and evil. Also in Barack Obama's morally inverted world, evil men are not evil but just responding to the nefarious nature of American foreign policy. And finally, in Barack Obama's morally inverted world, big government is necessary for fighting manufactured evil domestically and limited government is employed to fight the real evil of those around the world who would subjugate our liberty to the dark sewer of their ideology.

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