Monday, August 18, 2014

Rick Perry Indictment Illustrates Democrats' Lack Of Moral Clarity

     The 2014 mid-term election is still months away, and the first targeted salvo against a Republican contender for the party's presidential nomination in 2016 has been launched. Last week Texas governor, Rick Perry, was indicted for supposedly misusing his veto of funding for the Texas Public Integrity Unit. The reason, they say, is that he was trying to coerce Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg into resigning after she pleaded guilty to a drunk driving charge. The Public Integrity Unit is run by Ms. Lehmberg's office. As the old saying goes, "A grand jury can indict a ham sandwich."
     I am sure that Governor Perry's indictment has nothing to do with the fact that Rosemary Lehmberg is a Democrat. And I am equally sure that the timing of the indictment, coming on the heels of Governor Perry enforcing immigration laws to protect his state, thereby making President Obama look like BoBo the roller skating chimp, is not suspicious in the least. The Grand Jury indictment of effective Republicans by Democrats is a debauched political tactic that would make Saul Alinsky proud. It was only a few years ago Democrats plied this venality against former Speaker of the House, Tom Delay. Mr. Delay was eventually found not guilty, but Democrats did not care, they were able to force his resignation as a substitute for being able to effectively compete with him politically.
    Rick Perry's political capital has increased significantly in recent months, due not only to his leadership producing some of the best economic results in the country, but by taking action on illegal immigration he illustrated the strength of his conviction for protecting the public. Something that President Obama so glaringly has not only failed to do, but has actually encouraged just the opposite to happen with his blind eye towards the illegal immigration flood. There is an old saying that the best way to highlight a crooked stick is to place a straight stick next to it. The straight stick Rick Perry has illuminated just how crooked a stick Barack Obama is, not only on border policy, but in every way that is important to good leadership.
     President Obama, in a recent New York Times interview, burped up one the most frightening things, while at the same time one of the most ignorant things, I have ever heard uttered by a United States president. He said that the U.S. would not entangle itself in foreign conflicts unless there were "no victor and no vanquished." It is obvious from this childlike statement that President Obama views the real and dangerous world of international politics as nothing more than a new age baseball game where "nobody keeps score, and there are no winners and no losers."
     When Ronald Reagan was asked what his policy was for dealing with the Soviet Union during the Cold War, he said, "We win, they lose." It is this kind of moral clarity that makes great leaders. It is the kind of moral clarity that appeals to the American spirit. It is the kind of moral clarity which leads men into battle and citizens into supporting the cause of liberty. It is the moral clarity that Rick Perry posses and our current President lacks that has facilitated the current indictment against the former. An indictment which is illustrative of just how morally bankrupt the Democrat Party has willingly become.

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