Monday, August 4, 2014

The Shame Of A Nation

     There are those events that are difficult to morally judge, conflicts between two sides where both appear to have a valid claim to righteousness. The Bible says, "Judge not, lest ye be judged." But that passage is often misused by today's culture to mean that we should be tolerant of every behavior, no matter how deviant or evil. The true intent of the passage is that the disposition of a man's soul should not be judged by man, but only by God. As human beings with the God-given ability to think critically and being divinely inculcated with the knowledge of good and evil, we are implored by all that is righteous in the eyes of God to judge holy from profane, morality from immorality, and right from wrong.
     There has never been, is now, nor ever will be a more clearly demarcated line between good and evil than the Israeli/Hamas conflict. And the fact that the world community, lead by the largest repository of anti-Semitism in the world, the United Nations, and I am ashamed to say, by the United States government, has clearly taken the side of evil. That may sound blunt, but sometimes the truth can not be made less severe by sugar coating it.
     Hamas and the Palestinian people talk about occupation and blockades, but there has not been a single Jew in Gaza since 2005, and the only items not being allowed into the country by Israel are military weaponry. And what have the Palestinian people lead by Hamas done with the country that the Jews left in much better shape than they found it? They have destroyed any implements of prosperity and have used the thousands of tons of cement provided to them by the international community to build public buildings and homes, and have instead built tunnels into Israel from which they launch terror campaigns and kidnappings. They have continually fired thousands of missiles into their neighbor Israel and have called publicly for their destruction.
     The Lefts phony outrage over the deaths of innocent Palestinians can not veil their blatant anti-Semitism. If their concern was purely humanitarian, then why have we not heard a peep from the Left about the 1500 innocent Palestinians that have been killed in the Syrian conflict? Or does the Left only place value on Palestinian life when it is loss as a result of Israel defending itself from incessant attacks by Hamas?   
     Barack Obama's support of Hamas is befitting the Democrat tradition began by Jimmy Carter, who in 1979 gave radical Islam the country of Iran by supporting the ouster of the Shah and replacing him with the radical Islamist government of the Ayatollah, whom the obtuse Mr. Carter compared to Gandhi. Up to that critical point in history, radical Islam existed on the fringe of the Muslim religion. Once it gained state sponsorship through Carter's gift of Iran, the radicalization of Islam accelerated and the creation of armies of terrorists was born of the demon seed planted by Jimmy Carter.
     During the 2008 presidential campaign, Michelle Obama said that for the first time in her life she was proud of her country, ostensibly because her husband was the first black man chosen by a major political party to run for the nation's highest office. After the abandonment by this president of not only our closest ally in the Middle East, but the world, I am ashamed of my country. I am ashamed that enough of my fellow citizens elected as president a man who has not only abandon Israel in her time of crisis, but has the indecency to openly support her enemies whose goal it is to destroy her. Unfortunately this is not only my shame, but the shame of a nation.

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