Friday, August 1, 2014

The Left Refuses To Press Charges After Being Mugged By Reality

     To say that the Left is obtuse about the utter failure of their ideology is an understatement, in fact they are daily mugged by reality and yet refuse to press charges. From the anti-prosperity of their economic policy to the pro-chaos of their foreign policy, the Left has proven throughout recent history that bad ideas reside in the very ether of their thoughts. This truth has been evident for some time, but has never had a more spectacular poster-child than the current occupant of the White House, Barack Obama.
     President Obama has been mugged by the reality of economic policy that has produced the lowest percentage of the population participating in the work force in almost half a century, but refuses to  veer from the rocky path of his policy. He has been mugged by an ever more aggressive Vladimir Putin, but refuses to show the spine necessary for an American leader to counter the growing threat. President Obama has been mugged by the reality of ISIS in Iraq and Syria moving ever more closer to confiscating those lands to be used as a launching pad for world-wide terrorism, but he blindly continues his policy that has given birth to the resurgence of such terrorist groups.
    President Obama has been mugged by the reality of the terror organization Hamas continually attacking its neighbor Israel, whose destruction Hamas has said is their ultimate goal, and yet Mr. Obama joins the anti-Semite chorus lead by the United Nations in condemning Israel. The president has been mugged by the reality of a Southern U.S. border that is so porous it has allowed almost half a million illegal aliens to breach it in just the last 6 months, yet he refuses to enforce immigration law, or even allow border states to do so on their own.
     In a speech this week in Kansas City, President Obama engaged in hate speech while simultaneously accusing Republicans in congress of being hateful and angry. He was incredulous that there are those who could disagree with his failed policy up to this point in his term, and he can not understand why they do not acquiesce to his current round of destructive policies. I fail to understand why anyone in congress would want to board the train of failure that exemplifies this administration. A pathetically weak economy at home and a Middle East and Eastern Europe that is burning in large part to this president's policies and ineptness, should be evidentiary of the need for a mass exodus from this disaster, even by those in the president's own party.
     With all this mugging by reality, one would think that those on the Left would abandon failure and search for a more successful path. The reason they do not is simple, the Left does not define success with prosperity, peace, and security. Their definition of success is how many federal programs can be created with the expressed purpose of, not helping anyone or solving problems, but to suck up hard earned taxpayer dollars like some giant, money-sucking vacuum. Yes, President Obama and the rest of the Left have been mugged by reality, but far from pressing charges they choose to bring the mugger home so he can ply his trade on the rest of the family.

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