Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Tan Suit Diaries

     There has always been a question in my mind since the election of 2012 how Americans could re-elect as president a man who so badly executed the job that he knocked Jimmy Carter out of the worst president in history category. But after a Face Book post I read today, I have a little clearer picture of how that happened, and how it may keep the Republicans from gaining the majority in the Senate in this Fall's mid-term election and the presidency in 2016.
     The Face Book post in question shows President Obama in a tan suit and makes the connection of the color of that suit to dictators and totalitarians throughout history wearing the same color. And here I thought those ideologies were based on a philosophy and belief system, it turns out oppression and tyranny has no other basis than the color of a man's clothing. It is this kind of nonsensical blather coming from those on the Right that drives people in droves to President Obama and the Democrat Party.
     It was the belief by many that while Barack Obama may have been a complete failure as a president, the Right was populated with persons who judge on the color of a suit, engage in questions about the president's birth certificate 4 years after his first election, and proffer the wasting of political energy to bring about an impeachment of Barack Obama, which has less than a snowball's chance in hell of succeeding.    
     Barack Obama has brought economic malaise to the United States through crushing regulations, security malaise to most of the world through a feckless foreign policy, and a general constitutional malaise through his lawlessness. And the thing that really upsets some on the Right is the color of a suit he wore to a press conference. No wonder Republicans have been losing elections, and will continue to do so as long as their message borders on conspiracy theory rather than solid conservative principles that work.
     In addition to the tan suit, the birth certificate, the running for a third term, and myriad other delusional fantasies of some on the Right, is a picture of a student ID, supposedly Barack Obama's when he attended Columbia University. The ID is stamped "Foreign Student." I do not know if this ID is authentic or not, it does not really matter. What those propagating this "evidence" fail to understand is that Mr. Obama is in his second term. They can use all their energies to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is from another planet and it would not remove him from office at this point.
     Those on the Right would be wise to make the case against President Obama and the Democrats' policies which have ruined this country's economy and made the world much less safe. Making an issue of the color of his suit is diverting attention away from the important issues, which maybe is exactly what President Obama was trying to do. Ah Ha, now there is a conspiracy theory. Barack Obama deliberately wears a tan suit in order to change the subject from a world on fire and a slothful economy to the color of his suit. Any of you conspiracy theorists sitting in your parents basement in your underwear scouring the Internet for the next big conspiracy are free to use that one with my permission. You can even name it, "The Tan Suit Diaries."


  1. We have a potus who practices taqiyya. He'll lie about anything that helps his agenda. Puppet or not, handlers or not, he's doing or not doing what helps his agenda. He's pro islamists and sure as hell anti Christian. The imprisoned Marine and Pastor, as far as BHO is concerned, can rot in prison; he couldn't care less. He lied about his past as did others in covering hisass and the covering will continue until Americans grow some balls or we are reduced to a 3rd world nation.

  2. I can not argue with anything you have said, sad to say. The country I grew up just 40 years ago has disappeared and its place is an empty shell.