Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Historical Candidate Syndrome

     I fear that we have reached a point in our nation's history that has made George W. Bush the last historically insignificant president elected. My thesis being that Mr. Bush may be the last elected president based on his experience and ability to coherently articulate his ideas, and for his fidelity to the constitutional principles which built the greatest nation in the world's history. I fear from this point forward the American people will be guilted and cowed into electing historically significant persons to the presidency, and not those who have accomplishments, experience, or the temperament for the job.
     We have seen my thesis fulfilled to fruition in the two elections of Barack Obama. He ran and was elected based on being the first black man to do so. Other than that, he had no other experience or an articulated plan for the country. The two election victories of Barack Obama has, for the Democrats, become a template for all other candidates going forward. That is why many are supporting Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren as their presidential nominee for 2016. But whether it is the first black man, the first woman, the first black woman, the first Hispanic, the first Hispanic woman, or the first openly gay candidate, the Democrats see this tact as giving them electoral victory for decades to come.
     The election of a completely unqualified candidate, by experience and temperament, is only the first step in the process of the Historical Candidate Syndrome. The "rest of the story," as the late Paul Harvey use to say, is that a person with the stink of history all over them can repeal opposition to their agenda without having to defend it legitimately. We have seen this tactic used against the opponents of Barack Obama's policies by labeling them as racists. With the first woman president, any opponents will be called sexist. The opponents of the first gay president will be called homophobic. And so on, ad infinitum. The Left never has to defend their positions as long as they never elect another straight, white  man to the presidency.
     The garden that produces the historical candidate has been sown by the Left over the last 40 years and fertilized with political correctness. They have created a population of sheep that are so afraid of being called intolerant, that they will actually vote against their own self-interests as well as the interests of liberty.
     Being in possession of the insignificance of race, sex, sexual preference or anything else is not enough, the historical candidate must also be part of the Leftist group think. That is why members of minority groups who espouse conservatism are fair game for racial and non-racial slurs from those on the Left. One can well imagined the tar and feathering someone on the Right would have received had they engaged in the kind of rhetoric that those on the Left engaged in against candidates like Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, et al.
     It is certainly a brave new world, where affirmative action has entered into a precarious marriage with presidential politics. We have seen Barack Obama be elected twice based on his personalization of the victim status of his race. And he has continued to use his alleged victimization to advance his agenda, sans any vigorous opposition. If the Historical Candidate Syndrome is allowed to manifest itself in subsequent election cycles, representative government as founded by the framers of the Constitution, will be in jeopardy of fading into a past that no longer exists.

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