Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Boots On The Ground Only Option

     The depths of ignorance and an inability to understand human nature by the Left is as breathtaking as it is dangerous. The obtuseness of Leftist ideology rests on its ability to transpose their faulty conclusions about human behavior onto others, and then feign disgust and surprise when their policies fail to accomplish anything close to what they promote. In fact, many times the Lefts "solutions" to problems actually make the situation worse. Such is the reality with Iraq and the ever growing-in-power ISIS.
     An interfaith council in Great Brittan has implored Prime Minister Cameron to convince the United Nations that they must accuse ISIS in the strongest terms possible of human rights violations. Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder has said there will be a vigorous investigation of the beheading of photo journalist James Foley, and that the guilty party(ies) will be brought to justice. ISIS is quaking in their sandals. They can handle air strikes and bombing runs, but my Allah, lawyers and a UN condemnation will scare the hell out of them.
     Even President Obama has talked of the Foley beheading and the other atrocities committed by ISIS in terms of human rights violations, and an outcome where the perpetrators are "brought to justice." So let me stop and see if I have this straight: The United Nations saying that ISIS is in violation of their flaccid human rights treaties, and Eric Holder threatening criminal prosecution of terrorists, and President Obama waving the wet noodle of his definition of "justice," is all going to frighten terrorists around the world from wanting to wage jihad anymore?
     It is scary to think that we have persons in charge of our country and its security who think that accusing someone of human rights violations is a viable substitute for a muscular foreign policy. Let us not forget that it was ISIS in Syria that only a year ago President Obama was calling "freedom fighters." Mr. Obama was handed by former President Bush an Iraq that was stable, peaceful, and maturing in its ability to self-govern. But due to President Obama's promise to his base, he pulled troops out before it was safe to do so, emboldened ISIS in Syria by ignoring them, and allowed them to equip themselves with over 100 U.S. tanks and literally tons of other weapons and ammunition.
     It has been said by many that ISIS is capable of growing into a much more destructive force than that of Al Qaeda. In fact, ISIS formed because they felt Al Qaeda was not sufficient in their violent proselytization of radical Islam. President Obama missed the opportunity to take out ISIS when it was a force of a few hundred in Syria, and again in Iraq when it was a force of several thousand. Now the estimated troop strength of ISIS is somewhere North of 20,000, and growing. This terrorist genie can not simply be put back in the bottle with a few air strikes.
     The choice is clear, 20-30 thousand boots on the ground now in Iraq to decimate ISIS, or 20-30 thousand Americans killed in the homeland by an ISIS-sponsored terrorist attack. If you think that is far fetched, how many Americans, some even in our government, would have thought in early 2001 that a band of cave dwellers half a world a way in Afghanistan would kill 3,000 Americans with a handful of box cutters?

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