Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We Need More Hate Speech, Not Less

     One of the most despicable tactics employed by the Left is the suppression of free speech through the labeling of opposing views as "hate speech." The Left and the Democrat Party have used this strategy to avoid debating the merits of an issue by simply eliminating it as a topic of discussion. In the early days of Leftist venality they were able to strike certain words from the public lexicon by tagging them as "hateful." As the years have progressed along with the Lefts corrupt ideology, they have used the "hate speech" moniker to encompass ideas as well as words. Now the Left is able to discount in much of the publics' mind the entire conservative ideology.
     I am advocating for more hate speech, not less. We need more hate speech against the culture of dependence and entitlement that has robbed the sweat off the brow of hard working benefactors while at the same time robbing the beneficiaries of the incentive of the human spirit to succeed. Nothing is less compassionate and more hateful than to encourage dependence in whole populations of citizens for the political benefit of those in government.
     We need more hate speech against the truly evil in the world, whether it be religious zealots who oppress and terrorize, or whether it be domestic madmen who make it unsafe for citizens to walk in their own neighborhoods. The morally inverted Left spews hatred against those who expect women in America to pay for their own birth control, but are thunderously silent about the genital mutilation and general oppression of women in many parts of the world. There is little that is more hateful than to base one's support or concern for any group on the ability to syphon hard earned dollars from other groups.
     We need more hate speech against the race whores in this country who keep minorities eating from the hand of big government just to benefit a multi-billion dollar industry that feeds off the misery of their own. The race profiteers speak of justice as if it is their own creation to be patented, packaged, and sold into the slavery of their bigoted view of America. Nothing is more hateful than to use the hammer of oppressive ignorance to deconstruct the very nation founded on justice, liberty, and freedom.
     We need more hate speech against the idea of hate-free zones at universities that engender hate against anyone who strays in thought from the narrow field of Leftism. There is nothing more hateful than sentencing America's youth to the intellectual prisons called universities. The bigoted purveyors of hate against all thoughts and ideas that may crush the thin shell of their world view, use hate, not logic or reason, to keep their students in the shackles of ignorance.
     Properly directed hate can lead to improvement, in one's own life, or in the life of a nation. In a more religious sense, God wants us to hate evil and sin. We can love sinners, but never the sins they commit. If America is to survive as a free and moral nation, we must reject in the strongest terms possible those ideas that are antithetical to our founding principles. The strongest terms possible means we must motivate change with hatred for tyranny, oppression, and dependence. And we must renew, with vigor, the virtues of liberty, personal responsibility, and self-directed governance.

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