Friday, August 8, 2014

Ebola: Epidemic Du Jour

     There has been much consternation about the two Ebola victims flown into Georgia to be treated at Emery university this week. Some have sounded the alarm bells that this could be the end of civilization as we know it, others have claimed some nefarious scheme on the part of the Obama administration that centers around biological warfare. Why the most powerful military in the world, with the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons would need to infect anyone with a flu-like virus, is beyond logical thought. But then reason is not in large supply when fear mongering is.
     First of all, to all those worried about catching the Ebola virus, an infected person would have to vomit directly on you in order for you to become infected. You can not catch the virus from a cough or a sneeze. Secondly, while the virus can be deadly (just like any strain of flu can be if untreated) most will survive its effects as long as they remain hydrated and well rested. The problem in Africa is that the shortage of clean water and restful environs makes the virus more deadly than it would be here in the United States.
     And although over 900 persons in Africa have died in the past four months as a result of Ebola, the spread of the virus is much slower than that of many other afflictions, like malaria, dysentery, and even the common flu. But the relatively small number of Ebola victims does not seem to matter to its promoters, who have their own agenda that has little to do with public health.
     So why the big show and the "lights out" scare tactics? Simple, it is all about research dollars. There is more money allocated to viruses and diseases whose researchers claim can wipe out the world in a matter of days, than the dull everyday viruses like malaria or diseases such as cancer. Consider AIDS, the scourge of mankind that was suppose to have wiped out half the world's population by now, according to those who were in a relentless pursuit of research dollars back in the 1980s and 1990s. The fact is that there are so few AIDS related deaths today that the Center for Disease Control has been classifying death of HIV patients as resulting from the disease, even if the infected person gets hit by a bus, or dies in some other manner unrelated to the disease.
     This whoreification of science for the benefit of a political agenda is part and parcel to the Leftist ideology. We have witnessed it through the years with the DDT scare, global cooling, over-population, AIDS, global warming, swine flu, bird flu, and now Ebola. The end game for the Left is to syphon taxpayer dollars into the coffers of researchers and provide an unlimited grant of authority to the political class to deal with the "crisis." The usual result of this mugging of the American people by Leftist politicians is that we awaken in the dimly lit back alley of truth to find that the "epidemic" never occurred and the wallet of our freedoms has been ravaged and emptied, strewn amongst the remnants of our liberty. 

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