Saturday, September 27, 2014

Eric Holder's Shameful Legacy

     By now just about everyone knows that Attorney General Eric Holder was forced to resign as a result of a federal judge ordering the government to release documents related to the Holder gun running operation, known as Fast and Furious, to Judicial Watch per their request under the Freedom Of Information Act. The best efforts of the Obama administration to forestall the document release until after the election failed, and they must complete the task by October 22. Judicial Watch will still have remaining to them the Herculean task of holding the soon to be former attorney general accountable to the American people for his misdeeds and corruption in office.
     Anyone who has not been in the captive custody of Islamic terrorists for the last 6 years is aware of the corruption and illegality with which Mr. Holder ran the Department of Justice during his tenure. Scandals like Fast and Furious, IRS targeting of conservative groups, selective non-enforcement of voter intimidation laws when committed by blacks, et al, ad infinitum, are by now household names. But one of the most egregiously criminal acts committed by the Holder Justice Department is something I only learned about this week. It is called Sue and Settle Collusion Law Suits. 
     The way that Sue and Settle works is that the Attorney Generals office encourages Leftist groups like the Sierra Club to sue the federal government for some perceived non-enforcement of a regulation they think should be more muscular. Assurances are given by the AG's office that they will immediately settle the lawsuit. The settlement procures tax payer money for the organization in the form of "legal fees," and a promise by the government to beef up enforcement of the regulation. The "beefing up" includes writing new regulations, read: new laws, without any input from the people's representatives in congress.
     The resignation of Eric Holder is not a reason in my book for celebration among conservatives. There is reason to believe that his replacement is not exactly going to be John Ashcroft, but someone closer to Karl Marx. And the devil we know may be preferable to the devil we do not yet know. As perverse as that may sound. Because let us deal with the facts we know, even if the Republicans gain control of the Senate in November, I do not have much hope or confidence that they will refuse to confirm anyone President Obama nominates to fill the big floppy red shoes of Eric Holder.
     The real shamefulness of the Holder legacy at the Department of Justice is not the man who is leaving, but the thousands of anti-American, Leftists being left in place. There are ten thousand lawyers and another one hundred and ten thousand support personnel working at the Department of Justice. Ninety percent of these "public servants" are dedicated to the "social justice" aims of Eric Holder and Barack Obama. Over the last six years Mr. Holder has unceremoniously severed department ties with any employee that does not subscribe to the most radical tenets of Leftism. And this is the most shameful legacy of Eric Holder that will haunt the halls of liberty for decades to come and be a force of oppression against the American people for at least as long.

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