Friday, September 5, 2014

Protection By Ignorance Is Not A Strategy

     Recently, a representative from the Federal Bureau of Investigations, during the course of an interview with Wolf Blitzer of CNN, said that it will be difficult to gather evidence and arrest those responsible for the recent beheadings of American journalists. Give this guy a gold star for stating the obvious. He actually lamented about the difficulty involved in conducting a criminal investigation in ISIS camps, as if he was talking about busting a car theft ring in an American city.
     The idea that the Obama administration and the FBI are treating these murders as criminal acts, and not acts of war, is frightening in their apparent desire to put the terrorist genie back in the bottle and pretend that it is September 10, 2001. It is analogous to if after the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941 President Roosevelt sent a couple of officers with an arrest warrant to Japanese Emperor Hirohito's palace to arrest him. Or mailed a summons to Adolf Hitler requesting that he appear before a judge in an American court to answer for his crimes.
     The back asswards modus operandi of Barack Obama that informs him that keeping soldiers trained for war as far from the battle field as possible, while sending law enforcement authorities and lawyers to "bring justice" to those who commit acts of war against the United States, is as foolish as it is dangerous. If it were not so serious it would be laughable, like the buffoons and clowns that entertained between killings and blood baths in the Roman Coliseum.
     I can say without fear of being wrong that there has never been a President of the United States that has held such a lack of commitment to the security of the country he serves than Barack Obama. And there has never been a president of this country more interested in shooting a round of golf than shooting the enemy. In the 8 years of his presidency, Ronald Regan played 8 rounds of golf, Barack Obama in only five and half years is approaching 150.
     It is not only the president's lack of desire to engage the enemy after they have brutally attacked America (by lopping off the heads of two journalists) but it is the appalling lack of discipline and consistency within the White House. Even the president within the same speech changed the terms of retribution against the enemy ISIS from destroying them to simply managing them. As if they were a group of nine year olds on a little league baseball team.
     The most appalling aspect of this president is that we now know that he knew about the threat from ISIS as far back as a year ago. He made a conscious decision to do nothing. That conscious decision, along with the fecklessness of the entire administration, has placed this country and the world in one of the most precarious positions in recent history. While it is Jimmy Carter who gets credit for giving radical Islam state sponsorship by handing over Iran on a silver crescent, it will be Barack Obama who receives credit for handing over the rest of the Middle East, and beyond to an evermore radicalized Islamic population. And for the most part, the American people have returned to their slumber chamber of ignorance that they inhabited prior to 911, falsely secure in their belief that that ignorance will protect them from having their heads lopped off in the middle of Any Street U.S.A.

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