Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Precipitous Downfall Of Black Culture

     Unless one is involved in profiting handsomely from the race-baiting industry like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, et al, it would be near impossible not to acknowledge that black Americans have enjoyed the swiftest reclamation of their civil rights in the last 50 years than any other minority throughout history. Just think about it, during my lifetime (I am 52 years of age) black Americans have gone from riding in the back of busses, drinking from black-only water fountains, and being generally treated as second-class citizens even by Hollywood Leftists, to having greater opportunity, not only than other minorities, but than the majority white population in this country.
     Somehow with all these rights, privileges, and the crutch of Affirmative Action, blacks in America have traded a rich, and in many ways an unparalleled, contribution to our society for slavery to the Democrat Party and the ruination it has caused in their culture. The American black culture which gave us the ingenuity of George Washington Carver, the ground breaking music of jazz and blues which spawned rock-n-roll, the uplifting and inspirational words of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., and the jurisprudence genius of Thurgood Marshall, has now deteriorated into a cacophony of racial sound pollution both in music and activism.
     I am not saying that blacks do not make contributions every day in this country in medicine, law, literature, and a myriad other professions, only that as a culture American blacks have turned the innovation of George Washington Carver into the stale air of entitlement, the genius of jazz and blues into the sewage of cop-hating, misogynistic rap music, the uplifting words of the Reverend King into the divisive and victimizing words of self-serving community activists, and the thirst for justice of Thurgood Marshall into the "social justice" delivered by the hand of big government that chokes the liberty from every race that bears the yoke of its burden.  
     It has been a spectacular achievement by the Democrat Party over the last half century to transform a rich and spiritual culture into one in which self-victimization has replaced discrimination at the hands of whites, an eighty percent out-of-wedlock birth rate has replaced enviably intact families, and the striving of a people to prove their worth has been replaced by an entitlement to worth without the striving. Again, do not get me wrong, there are blacks in this country that contribute to the family of man every day. But as a culture they have had their sense of purpose and worth deliberately ripped from them by a greedy and self-serving political party that is populated with persons who have used the downfall in black culture they have caused to feed their ravenous hunger for power. In the process not only have they destroyed the black culture, but the soul of their once proud political party as well.

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