Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Government's Hand Maiden Accomplice

     Panera's restaurant announced a new policy that places them firmly in the same institutional buffoonery as Subway, Waffle House, and several other companies that have publicly stated policies against law abiding citizens patronizing their businesses if they are carrying a firearm. I am today announcing that I have instituted my own policy that I will no longer spend my hard earned dollars at stores and restaurants with similar policies as the one announced by Panera's. Not because I carry a gun, but because I do not.
     So under the delusional thinking of Panera's executives, an employee will tell a gunman when he enters that he will not be able to shoot anyone there because of their zero tolerance for firearms. Or after the gunmen has killed half a dozen people, injured dozens more, and they are bleeding on their bagels, the manager will approach the gunman and kindly say, "We have a 'no gun' policy, I am sorry but I will need to revoke your My Panera's card." Yeah, that should work just fine.
     The obvious truth that politically correct executives fail to understand is that a business that allows firearms will have good and bad guys carrying them into their businesses. Those, like Panera's that do not allow firearms will only have bad guys carrying them into their businesses. That is why I will not frequent the latter establishments. I want to know that if there is a bad guy with a gun sitting across from me as I enjoy my bear claw and a cup of coffee, there will also be half a dozen good guys with guns scattered throughout the dining room as well.
     Beyond the constitutional right of Americans to posses firearms, which is important regardless of any other facts, is the fact that over the last twenty years the number of guns in this country has grown enormously. Over that same time period, gun violence according to Department of Justice statistics, has dropped precipitously. The reduced number of homicides committed with handguns also includes suicides, which constitute a whopping two thirds of that statistic.
     Companies like Panera's that are considering a "no gun" policy should make their decision based on facts, not political correctness. If they did, they would realize that the cities in this country, like Chicago, with the strictest gun control laws, also have the highest crime rates. Conversely, the areas of the country with the lowest crime rates are ones which respect the Second Amendment right of their citizens.
     We live in interesting times indeed. A time when constitutional fidelity has been replaced by corporate oppression of the rights outlined in that document. A time when a bagel seller has the unmitigated audacity to claim perspicacity greater than that of the Founders of this great nation. A time when what is advanced as a matter of public safety actually endangers the public, and that which is in the best interest of the public defense becomes fodder of the corporate marketing of political correctness. And while the people's rights become evermore enervated by government, it is assisted in its nefarious task by its handmaiden accomplice, corporate America.

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