Monday, September 29, 2014

Global Warming: The Lefts Biggest Dichotomy

     No political ideology, religious belief, or general ethos has a structure more supported by the timbers of dichotomy than Leftism. And no belief of the Leftist church is more illustrative of the preceding statement than man-made climate change. Never has there been such a large group of devotees whose object of devotion is the very definition of "much to do about nothing," as those who worship the idolatry of man's dominion over the climate, and the big government Leviathan that is employed by these global warming votarients to "solve" this non-existent danger to the earth.
     Several recent studies, one by the government's own National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), have postulated that any warming of the earth in the last hundred years has been the result of changes in wind patterns, and not man-made causes like sport utility vehicles. These findings, along with data that shows a substantial increase in CO2 admissions (which the global warming apostles say is the main cause of the planet's warming) in the last twenty years, while global temperatures have remained flat, shows the complete fantasy of the "science."
     The global warming dichotomy is fueled by those who promulgate the idea that the same citizenry that can not be trusted to posses a firearm can undoubtedly save the planet. That a population that should not be held accountable for bad public behavior can be responsible for the warming of the earth. And the masses who are incapable of feeding, clothing, housing, and generally supporting themselves can heal a world scarred by man's progress.
     The response of those who believe in the thoroughly discredited faith of global warming to new data they can not dispute, is to create yet another sacrament of their religion called "the pause." This is the term that Al Gore and his super-heated disciples have given to the last twenty year period when there has been no warming, even though twenty years ago they said twenty years hence there would be so much warming that no polar ice caps would remain by now. Just for the record, polar ice has actually grown by 43% over the last twenty years.
     Global warming is congruous with the other extremists on the Left like extreme feminism, extreme equality, extreme environmentalism, extreme immigration, etc. It is not so much about the core issue, but about destroying capitalism and free markets. And if you do not think this is true, look at the signs present at the next Leftist protest and you will see and hear how evil capitalism caused the issue against which they are protesting. And the solution to any problem on the Left always involves some mitigation of the free market that built this great country.
     Those trying to use global warming to destroy capitalism under the guise of "saving" the planet have engaged in one of the Lefts biggest dichotomies. Never has there been so much evidence against a thing, and still there are so many persons clinging to it like those who clung to the notion that the earth is flat long after it was proven to be round. That has always been the danger of the Left, i.e., the desire to believe that which has been proven wrong over time and with the overwhelming weight of blatant evidence staring them in the face.

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