Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Obama Outsources American Security

     Senator Ted Cruz made a salient point recently when he asked if President Obama was going to require background checks for the Syrian rebels he is hell bent on arming with U.S. weapons. He sure as heck did not require background checks on the members of Mexican drug cartels that he armed  via the Fast and Furious program, which resulted in the deaths of several U.S. border agents and hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens. But when it comes to American citizens exercising their God-given right, protected by the Constitution of the United States, to posses a firearm, background checks and ultimate confiscation is the goal of not only Mr. Obama, but the entire machine of the Left.
     Beyond the obvious hypocrisy of the Obama administration's arming of Syrian rebels that most likely are just another viral strain of radical Islam, while trying their hardest to disarm law-abiding citizens, is the fact that the president is engaging in outsourcing American security to a group of individuals that have about as much in common with American interests as a mouse has in common with the interests of a cat. And if the preceding run on sentence did not make it clear enough, Barack Obama is arming the enemies of the United States, and what is more disturbing, is he has the support of many in the Republican party.
     If ISIS is enough of a threat to dedicate U.S. arms, should we not employ the full force of our military, still the best in the world, to eradicating this enemy as quickly and thoroughly as we can? President Obama did not have a strategy just a little over a week ago, now he has one that is bound to fail. That is not just me talking, but many military experts currently serving and retired. The Obama air campaign rejects the logic of history that postulates no enemy has been completely defeated with only an air war.
     ISIS is not a static number of individuals that can be whittled away by an air war of attrition. They are constantly growing, and considering that they were only hundreds strong a couple of years ago and now have numbers well over 30,000, their growth rate is alarming. But even more alarming than their growth rate is their maturation of sophistication, both organizationally and tactically. This growth was greatly accelerated in the last few months, coincidentally corresponding to the release of the Bergdahl Five.
     Some have suggested (myself included) that ISIS has benefitted from the expertise of one or more of these former detainees. It certainly would not be the first time that Guantanamo Bay detainees were found on the battle field after being released. However, Politifacts has roundly dismissed this assertion, and have given it their "pants on fire" rating. Still the question is left begging how ISIS advanced so quickly, not only in size, but in their sophistication, in only 5 months. They not only have become a well oiled military unit, but have managed to gain sufficient oil holdings to make contracts to supply oil to some European countries at a fraction of market prices, which will wage an economic war that could be devastating for the United States.
     For now the president and congress seem devoted to a strategy that is bound to fail, and cause more suffering, not only for the people of Iraq and Syria, but for the U.S. as well. As Napoleon once said, "When you endeavor to take Vienna, take Vienna." In other words Mr. President, do not outsource the destruction of ISIS to ISIS, or any other group whose values are more aligned with ISIS than the United States. This is a job we need to do ourselves or leave undone and take our chances.

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