Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Political Correctness: Radical Islamists Best Weapon

     The recent beheading of a woman in an Oklahoma food processing plant by recent Islam convert Alton Nolen will, I am sure, be categorized by the administration as "work place violence." Just as Nidal Hasan's jihad against the soldiers at Fort Hood in November of 2009, during which he killed 13 persons, was classified as "work place violence." I suppose if the Obama administration had been in power in September of 2001, the attacks on this country by radical Islamists that killed over 3000 Americans would have been labeled as "disgruntled airline passenger violence."
     I have news for those who either choose to stick their heads in the sand and pretend that we are not at war with radical Islam, or those who think we have the terrorists "on the run." We are losing this war, and losing it badly. And it is not because we do not have the means to defeat this evil enemy, but because our will to fight has been choked out of us by political correctness. The United States government, as it is currently constituted, can not bring itself to even recognize the enemy when he attacks, let alone do what is necessary to thoroughly defeat him.
     The Administration's posture on radical Islam is analogous to if President Roosevelt would have classified the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as "vacation place violence," and stated that we were not at war with Japan, but just extremists in the Japanese culture. When the enemy is not recognized as a military combatant, nor are his attacks recognized as acts of war, then the war has already been lost. Under the Obama administration we have traveled to the edge of that precipice and are dangling perilously over the chasm of darkness that is defeat.
     I am no fan of President Roosevelt. He advanced the cause of socialism in this country and mitigated liberty. But when it came to defending this country from its external enemies, he did what was necessary, and what he thought was prudent at the time. Even the interment of Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, as abhorrent as we today see that act, in the moment of dangerous times, President Roosevelt's actions came from his sense of duty to keep the nation safe, and not from some larger political strategy.
     It is ironic that Franklin Roosevelt's domestic political strategy spawned the political correctness that is now destroying the very country he tried to save by taking the actions he did during World War II. And the political party that he loved so much has transformed itself into the very source of the virus that has enervated the will of a once strong and virile people to defend themselves properly against encroachment on their culture by an enemy that has not limited itself with the fear of offending, hatred of their own culture, and minority rights for those whose stated goal it is to destroy the very pillars of liberty and freedom.   

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