Saturday, September 6, 2014

Whatever Happened To Obamacare ?

     There are those on the Right like talk show host Bill Bennett, who I respect a great deal, but who nonetheless fell for the trap set by Democrats at the end of 2013 that ObamaCare would fall of its own weight. I heard many "conservatives" at the time repeating this myth over and over as if they were trying to make it come true simply by the will of their over active hope glands. They believed it so much that it lead them not only to acquiesce to the Democrats, but to criticize any of their fellow conservatives like Ted Cruz who actually tried to take up arms against the oppressive law.
     There are the moderates on the Right, who because of their own failure to employ their spine in the fight over ObamaCare, have now said that Republicans need to come up with an alternative plan. First of all that is like telling a victim of a crime that not only do they have to prove that a crime was committed, but that they need to inform the perpetrator of said crime how he could have perpetrated the crime more efficiently. Secondly, it is a little too late for an alternative plan now that ObamaCare has been in operation for a year, and for good or evil, is part of the fabric of American life.
     The other assertion by these limp-wristed, can't-we-all-get-along, reach-across-the-aisle Republicans is that when the exemptions come to an end and the next wave of ObamaCare pain hits the American public, then they will swoop in with their plan and save the day. I fail to see how moderates who have not had the gonads in the past 6 years are all the sudden going to be bestowed with them by the gonad fairy in the next year or so.
     The main problem with the Republican Party over the last 6 years is not that they have not had an alternative plan to the Affordable Care Act, it is that they are non-confrontational. They are so afraid to hurt someone's sensibilities that they refuse to defend their principles, or even the core principles of liberty. If one is going to be non-confrontational, one should not be in politics. The mothers milk of politics is confrontation. But the politically correct Left has the politically neutered Right shaking in their boots and running for the hills of moderation whenever they are criticized for advancing the cause of liberty.
     So we now have come to the point that ObamaCare is the law of the land, and probably will stay that way for the long term. But it is ironic that the party that rammed it through congress on the edge of unconstitutionality is all but ignoring it now. And the party who allowed the former to saddle the American people with the oppressiveness of the law is using said law to convince their legions that just around the next corner they are going to get tough and do something to "repeal or replace" it. Meanwhile politicians in both parties get re-elected while the law becomes more criminally invasive in the lives of hard working Americans.

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