Monday, September 15, 2014

The Shackled Mind Of Leftists

     Last week during my vacation in the deep woods of South Eastern Ohio I had the opportunity to visit with a couple who are relatives of my camping partner, and were on their way to a wedding in New York. Anyone who conversed with this couple for only a minute or two on the subject of politics would clearly place them firmly and undoubtedly on the far Left of the political spectrum. The funny thing is, I do not think they would consider themselves as devotees of the Leftist religion they practice with the dedication of evangelists.
     The ignorance of their true political faith does not make my shirttail relatives bad people, nor does it put them into a category by themselves. The most insidious aspect of Leftism, I believe, is the complete obtuseness with which many of its votarients practice the faith. And make no mistake, Leftism is a religious faith, not a political ideology. It has been one of the most destructive religious faiths of the last hundred years because it seeks and aims to mitigate not only the natural rights of man burned into this country's founding, but also the natural laws that govern all of life.
     Of course my pseudo relatives are not the kind of dark and disturbed people that would knowingly engage in the hatefulness of oppression. And yet, when the anti-Semitism of the Left passes from the lips of these loving and decent people, it is enough to send the chill of history up my spine and wrap its icy fingers around my heart. It is a product of the Leftist faith to remove logic and reason from the minds of its practitioners and replace them with group-think and a soulless adherence to the tenets of big government.
     The failure and illogic of big government is all around us every day. One recent example of which I read is the push by New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer to ban 10 different fire retardant chemicals used in the manufacturing of furniture. The chemicals supposedly have been shown to affect small children exposed to them over time, as well as fire fighters who extinguish fires when this furniture does burn. The point is that it was the same government that now wants to ban these chemicals that regulated furniture manufactures to use them in the first place. So if the Schumer proposal passes and becomes law, government will have to grow even bigger to ensure that chemicals are not being used in the manufacturing of furniture that were not being used until government stuck its nose in and force their use.
     My aforementioned example of the ludicrous nature of big government would be completely missed by my shirttail relatives, not because of a lack of intelligence, but because of a lack of the natural curiosity present in the free mind that is not present in the intellectually shackled mind of the Left. The sadness of the Leftists who do not know they are Leftists is that they see their ideology, not as an ideology, but as a moral imperative for a "fair" and "just" society. The real and present damage that Leftism has done to our society is the suppression of free expression, speech, and even thought present in those who dare not place their personal liberty above the "common good" as defined by the very type of government that our Founders fought so hard to abate.

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