Thursday, September 18, 2014

Where Is Bart Stupak And His Gang Of Fakes?

     Lost in all the hoopla about ISIS, Ray Rice, Barack Obama's golf game, the Benghazi hearings, etc., ad infinitum, was a report released this week by the Government Accountability Office that revealed through an extensive audit of ObamaCare that subsidy money was being spent on providing abortions to some policy holders. In fact, not just some, but up to 300,000 participants in the new health care debacle. This of course was not suppose to happen. More to the point it was promised by the administration that no tax payer subsidies would be used for abortions.
     I am looking for, but not expecting to see, former Congressman Bart Stupak come out publicly to express his anger and rage over this development. Remember Mr. Stupak and his gang of pro-life Democrats who refused to vote for the Affordable Care Act until they were placated by the administration with the promise that the moratorium on tax payer funded abortions, made law by the longstanding Hyde Amendment, would be kept intact by the new health care law?
     Well where is the Gang of Fakes? Or does their pro-life stance only have life when their political futures were threatened by their pro-life constituents whose votes they needed to gain re-election? The Obama administration's promise, written in disappearing ink, notwithstanding, Mr. Stupak and his band of on again off again pro-lifers have proven that their moral values will always take a back seat to party politics. And those party politics are forever, unlike their pro-life stance which is calculated only to propel them through the next election.
     But we should not be too hard on old Bart and his Gang of Fakes, after all, insincerity and moral weakness is a Democrat tradition, especially when it comes to the Affordable Care Act. Tin foil hat guy Dennis Kucinich vehemently opposed ObamaCare (because it was not socialist enough for his Leftist sensibilities) until the president gave him a ride on Air Force One. How easily Democrats are bought off their principles! I did not agree with former congressman Kucinich's position on socialized health care for America, but gee whiz, at least if you are going to have principles stand by them and do not leave them ravaged by the side of the road while you are having a one-on-one with the president in his big plane.
      Of course some astute political votarients may point out that Mr. Stupak was forced to retire from congress, many say because of his betrayal of his pro-life principles. But that does not preclude him from speaking out against this latest development, if he indeed believes abortion is wrong, and paying for it with tax payer dollars is almost as wrong. Whether current or former members of congress, the Stupak Gang of Fakes should be outraged that they were lied to by their own president on such a morally core issue. But alas, I see no outrage forthcoming from these Democrats who have moved forward and left the shattered pieces of their principles laying on the floor of the Oval Office, the eternal price they paid for the temporary nature of political expediency.

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