Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another Nail In The GOP Coffin

     There has certainly been many reasons in recent years for the Republicant party rank and file, and especially the conservative wing of the party, to become disillusioned with leadership. There has been a palpable and distinct unwillingness on the part of the Republicant establishment to embrace the conservative values and principles that have brought the party not only political victory, but have helped them to connect with average hard working Americans. Additionally, and more troubling, in recent years there has been an effort on the part of some Republicants in congress to champion Leftist issues from global warming to immigration reform.
     A recent Wall Street Journal story highlighted the claim by some House Republicants that House leadership is considering a delay on an immigration reform (aka amnesty) vote until the deadline has past for conservatives to mount primary challenges to Republicant House members who may vote for it. The thinking is that without the baggage of an amnesty vote until after the deadline, Republicant House members who support it will breeze to easy victories because the rank and file will be forced to vote for them, given no other alternative.
     If this strategy is implemented by Republicant House leadership it will be one more nail in the coffin of the GOP, and will make the unlikely scenario of a third party more likely. There is only so many times that the base of the Republicant party will be ignored, unappreciated, and downright mocked by the establishment before they will pull their support for this dying and retching beast known as the Republicant party. I am not sanguine about third parties, and do not think one can gain the power and influence to effect real change in the near future. But as the Republicant party establishment continues to push its voters away, it creates an opportunity for the building of a better alternative.
     It is a shame that the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan has succumbed to the cancer of progressivism that eats away at the heart of all that is good, decent, and purely American. As a party we have lost our way, and so we not only embrace the moral corruption of amnesty for illegal aliens and global warming, but our leaders in the party de-emphasize and are reticent to ring the bell of social issues for fear of repelling voters who want no part of morality. The Republicant leadership aims to break the inextricable bond between social rectitude and the prosperity and liberty upon which this great nation can continue to be a beacon of righteousness in a world where tyranny and oppression is waiting in the wings of moral consciousness, eager to replace true justice.

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