Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Saran Wrap President

     To a great extent the Left has been successful over the past few decades in retraining many Americans to see the source of their rights as government and not God. In doing this the Left has also removed the individual citizen's responsibility to liberty, and their obligation to oppose that which infringes upon that liberty. The Left knows that a population that see its government as the well into which they dip their ladles of freedom and extract rights for themselves, has no need of a constitution. And without adherence to a limiting principle like the constitution, government will grow powerful enough to revoke even the God-given rights bestowed on all people who yearn to be free.
     There has never been an American president who is as willing as Barack Obama to redefine the very founding of this country, and place himself above the constitutional principles of representative government and the sanctity of God-given rights. Recently, in a publicized portion of a cabinet meeting, the President said he would use his pen to issue executive orders to impose equality, i.e., income redistribution, amnesty, and "fairness." The last principle being defined as anything which destroys the American spirit and places more emphasis on government.
     There are those that have claimed Barack Obama is a complex and deep individual. But over the past decade that he has bullied his way into the national spot light, he has been as transparent as a piece of Saran Wrap. I recall when he was running for president in 2008, a radio interview surfaced from the early 2000s where he expressed a desire to replace the constitution, because of its limiting principle on government, with what he called a "redistributive model." This is the same interview in which he called the United States Constitution, the greatest document of individual liberty ever conceived by the mind of man, a "charter of negative rights."
     It has been clear all along that the Saran Wrap President was not hiding his desire to reshape the very founding of this great country from liberty-centric to government-centric. The Founding Fathers abhorred the idea of a nation driven by a centralized government, thus limiting it to the enumerated powers given it by the people through the constitution. The Saran Wrap president and his minions of mindless mavens have twisted the founding principle that the peoples rights come from God and the government's rights come from the people, to the completely opposite proposition. In the world of Barack Obama, rights come from a divinity, only that divinity is government and its demigods are the fallen angels of liberty like himself that now do the bidding of tyranny and oppression.


  1. a patriot is one who loves his country....not necessarily his government.

    1. Excellent sentiment, did you originate it?