Saturday, January 18, 2014

ObamaCare: Website Working, Law Is Not

     As members of the Obama administration, like Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebilus, are doing cartwheels over their billion dollar website,, actually working at a minimal level more than three months after it was launched, the new law has not even achieved that pathetic level of competency. And anyone defending this glittering jewel of colossal failure known as the Affordable Care Act, is doing so as they eat the chocolate-covered paving stones and lick the lollipop daffodils that line the road leading into the fairy land of hope and change.
     Recently, an official with the ObamaCare invasion team could not tell a congressional committee how many persons who signed up for health care insurance through the government's exchange actually have paid their premiums. We have also learned that almost 80% of those signed up through the ObamaCare exchange have been eligible for subsidies, which means they are old, sick, or both, and not the young healthy enrollees that the Obama administration was planning on to fund this boondoggle.
     A report that arrived this week from an emergency room physicians group, stated that emergency rooms are seeing a massive increase in the number of ObamaCare patients as a result of health care providers opting out of providing care to those on the program. This recent revelation, in addition to  the many providers dropping Medicare and Medicaid patients over the last couple of years, has painted a bleak health care picture for this country where persons are covered by government insurance, but can not find quality care. This, of course, is the goal of any socialized health care system, i.e., to turn doctors into bureaucrats and patients into widgets moving along a cold, unfeeling assembly line in the factory of government incompetence.
     There are many lessons to be learned from the disaster visited upon this great nation by ObamaCare, but the one that illustrates the utter futility of all Leftist policy is static analysis. The fantasy of static analysis is what informed the Obama administration that their burden of health care would be borne mostly by the young and healthy signing up en masse. The reality of dynamic analysis reveals that the young and healthy are opting out, leaving only the old and the sick. It is similar to the static analysis used to raise taxes on tobacco products with the goal of increasing revenue, which over the years has decreased the number of smokers only to leave the remaining ones, mostly poor, to pay ever higher taxes on cigarettes.
     But the flawed analysis of thinking statically is not important to those on the Left pushing their poison. Because their goal is not public policy that works or results in positive outcomes, but to create failure that they convince citizens can only be solved by an ever expanding and more intrusive centralized government.

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