Friday, January 17, 2014

Dead Men Tell No Tales, Apparently Neither Does The U.S. Senate

     The bi-partisan senate report on the Benghazi debacle was released this week. And while it stated that the Al Qaeda murder of U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens and three others could have been avoided, it stopped short of assigning any accountability. The report used the political device of blaming agencies like the State Department, as if it were capable of making decisions without any human agency. This is convenient for those humans whose agency is responsible for the operation of such governmental departments.
     Hillary Clinton's name is not present in the report once, which is shocking considering that she was a major player in denying the security needed for embassy personnel, and figured prominently in the cover-up which involved the story about a YouTube video being responsible for the attack. Hillary Clinton's name being conspicuously missing from the report is analogous to leaving out the name of Pontius Pilate in a report about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
     The report further appears to blame the dead ambassador, Chris Stevens, for not making security requests for Benghazi, even after he had done so for Tripoli, the capitol city of Libya. Is it not the responsibility of the Secretary of State to weigh all data available to her, and after concluding that further security is needed, authorize it in spite of what her underlings may say. Hillary Clinton belongs to an ethos which informs its members that they have some divine charter to impose their decisions upon citizens of this country when it comes to everything from health care insurance to light bulbs. But when it comes to executing their jobs as it relates to foreign policy and the safety of those abroad executing it for them, all of the sudden they do not want to take responsibility for making decisions.
     Shame on Senate Republicants on the Intelligence committee who signed off on this report without proper responsibility being assigned to those who, first created the security risk for the attack to occur, and then blatantly lied about the source of the attack being a spontaneous demonstration initiated by an anti-Muslim YouTube video. Why did the report not include President Obama's promise that "justice would be served," and yet a year and a half after the attack Mohsen Al-Azazi, the man known to have masterminded the attack, is free to eat and drink openly in the cafes of Libya, thumbing his nose at the United States of America?
     So often, as is the case with these congressional reports, they serve no other purpose than to make our elected representatives look as though they are doing something other than wasting tax payer dollars. Four Americans, including an ambassador, died because of the deliberate incompetence of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Their deaths require not only justice be served against those who orchestrated the actual attack, but also those who created its circumstance, heard the cries for help and turned a callous deaf ear to the men who eventually were horribly murdered, and then lied for weeks afterwards to cover their ideologically-driven incompetence.

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