Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Hopelessy Stuck Akademik Shokalsky Symbol Of Climate Change Religion

     On November 28, 2013 the Russian ship Akademik Shokalsky set out from New Zealand to recreate the 1911-1913 journey of Australian explorer, Douglas Mawson. Mawson's was the first such exploration of Antarctica, and the 52 researchers and 22 crew aboard the Akademik Shokalsky were recreating his icy journey, of course on a modern ship with all the advantages of the twenty first century. Unfortunately the re-creators became hopelessly stuck in the Antarctica ice on Christmas eve and rescuers have been unsuccessful in their attempts to reach the ill-fated ship.
     What makes this story especially delicious is that in addition to their recreation of Mawson's journey, the researchers aboard the Akademik Shokalsky wanted to gather data in support of the hoax known as man made climate change. They were hoping, as all true believers of the global warming religion hope, to find evidence of their faith somewhere, anywhere, that the globe was warming and ice was melting, causing a rise in sea levels and other cataclysmic outcomes for human beings. Unfortunately for the researchers aboard the Akademik Shokalsky, they became bound, and unable to move, in what appears to be thousands of tons of global warming. The ice is so ubiquitous and dominant in the Antarctica waters, that three ice breaker ships have been unable to free the research vessel.
     This very public spectacle is illustrative of the Lefts unyielding devotion not only to their agenda, but the fantasies which comprise it. Already there has been the beginnings of talk from those on the Left, and especially those belonging to the global warming cult, that the Akademik Shokalsky's icy predicament is a result of, not a despoliation of, the theory of man-made climate change. This lunacy is exemplary of the Lefts inability to recognize facts and truth when they contradict the agenda they aim to impose on their fellow human beings for the sake of giving their own lives some meaning, i.e., they are "saving the planet."
     The ice-bound Akademik Shokalsky should stand with the volumes of other evidence to dispel the backward thinking of those who place fiction over fact and superstition over science. But I would not expect the blinded devotees of global warming to come to their senses anytime soon, after all they are some of the same persons that believe government can effectively manage the health care of over 300 million Americans. The hopelessly stuck research ship is a fitting symbol for the Left, who are hopelessly stuck in the ice jam of their own agenda-driven "science," which is exposed as more of a fraud with each passing year that their dire predictions are so spectacularly proven wrong.


  1. Just deserts for the Climate Change Moonbats! They should stay stuck there until the Spring Thaw....

    1. It is amazing with all the missed predictions, the Hadley "scientists" faking data, the computer models that were exposed as having been hard coded with the results the warmies wanted, there are still fools that believe the biggest fraud in the history of man.