Friday, January 24, 2014

Business Leaders' Ignorance Obama Best Friend

     I recently received a letter in the mail from the Veterans Administration, solicitous in its tone about my disposition with regards to health care insurance. The letter was prompting me to immediately drop everything and register for "the health care I deserve", on the government's health care exchange and identity thieves market place. Funny thing is that I am not even a veteran, unless one counts being separated from the Air Force before completing basic training back in 1982. I guess I am still in the government's system even though not an official veteran, which is illustrative of how far down in the barrel the Obama administration is willing to scrape to scare up enrollees for its socialized health care scheme.
     I have also been receiving emails prompting me to relinquish all my personal data (and liberty as well) to the greater good that our caring leader and his compassionate comrades in congress have graciously given the people of this great nation under the auspices of health care reform. These emails make their way to my inbox a couple of times a week, and here I thought I had hidden myself so well in my bunker apartment in a non-descript Mid-Western city. It begs the question in my mind that if the president's health care boondoggle is so great, and the crowning legislation of the last hundred years that Americans are going to love as was sold to us by Nancy Pelosi and others, why then must they expend hard earned tax payer dollars on commercials, emails, and letters to beg people to enroll?
     President Obama and Democrats sold "health care reform" as a means of insuring all those unfortunates that were previously uninsured. But according to Aetna CEO, Mark Bertolini, only 11 percent of enrollees his company is seeing are previously uninsured. Mr. Bertolini and others are beginning to realize what some of us knew before the law was passed four years ago, i.e., the law is not suppose to insure the uninsured, but move previously insured persons from private insurance into subsidized highly regulated government programs.
     Mr. Bertolini showed his political naiveté by stating that more choice is needed for health care reform to succeed. He says it is essential for a healthy market place. It is astounding to me that after five years of the Obama regime there are still smart people like Mr. Bertolini that seem obtuse about the real agenda of Barack Obama, in which choice and a healthy market place are certainly not welcome. It is this political ignorance among our business leaders that has, in part, allowed President Obama to implement policies that operate contrary to the tenets of liberty. Mr. Bertolini and other insurance execs still believe that their companies will benefit from the president's health care law. Instead they will awaken one morning to find they have been pushed out of the health care insurance business and replaced with the single-payer, government-run system that Barack Obama has said is his eventual goal. 

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