Friday, January 3, 2014

The Mythical ObamaCare "Winners"

     The most recent act of acquiescence by the modacans on the Right is acknowledging that while there are some winners in the ObamaCare lottery, more Americans will be worse off under the new law. Exemplary of this reality is a Dodge dealership in Michigan which has a handful of employees that will receive federal subsidies for almost their entire health care insurance premiums. The majority of the dealership's remaining employees will pay much higher premiums and deductibles, and have unwanted insurance coverage imposed upon them by the force of the federal government. It is the living embodiment of the old adage, "When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on the support of Paul." And as the Obama administration, through its unconstitutional health care insurance law, has created millions of Pauls, it has at the same time transformed tens of millions of Americans into unwilling Peters.
     The modacan's desire to play the role of moderator between those who blindly see ObamaCare as a blessing and those who correctly see it as the scourge of liberty, has once again placed their good intentions over common sense and thousands of years of history. These slap-happy Republicants would rather go-along-to-get-along than inform and educate the public why ObamaCare, or any government-run health care system for that matter, is bad for everyone. The modacans seem content to help the Obama administration add fuel to their propaganda fire, rather than neutralize the source of that fuel, i.e., stories about those who are benefiting from ObamaCare.
     If any Republicants in the arena of public policy discourse are interested in how they should approach the "successes" of ObamaCare, listen up. First of all no one benefits from a socialized health care system that replaces a vibrant free market health care insurance industry with burdensome government bureaucracy. Industry must serve the needs of its customers or cease to profit. Government systems only exist for their own edification on the backs of the tax paying public. So even those who may look at the health care insurance they have received under ObamaCare as a gift, that gift will quickly turn into a curse once the system is over burdened and their benefits are cut and their non-subsidized costs skyrocket.
     What Republicants should be highlighting is doctors being forced out of practice, medical device innovation being made impotent by added tax burdens, the planned destruction of the health care insurance industry leaving government as the only choice, life and death decisions being made not by doctors and patients but by Washington bureaucrats, and mostly the loss of freedom and liberty for Americans to choose the health care coverage they desire, or no coverage at all if that is their prerogative. ObamaCare has made losers of us all while making winners only of the Leftist technocrats that pull the levers of health care which are now all located in the crucible of corruption and coercion known as Washington D.C.

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