Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Return Of The Modicans

     One of the boiler plate responses of Modicans in defense of Rinos in congress is that as long as they agree with them 70% of the time, the Modican will support the Rino. I would pose the question to these Modicans, "which 30% of the United States Constitution are we then going to ignore just to have in congress persons with an "R" behind their name?"
     In a recent radio interview I heard Andy McCarthy, whom I generally respect, admire, and with whom I agree 80% of the time, twist himself into a pretzel defending the National Security Administration collecting private information of innocent Americans simply as a device to protect those same citizens from the threat of terrorism. Those in the McCarthy camp would have us believe that we need to abandon constitutional principles at the altar of security.
     It seems that the charter of the Republicant party has become entangled in that of the Democrat party, which treats the constitution like some ancient document that no longer applies when there is an agenda to be implemented. It has gotten so bad that those in the Republicant party who do defend the constitution to the best of their ability, are intimated as radicals by others in their own party. A case in point is Rand Paul, whose only sin is that he actually expects the government for which he serves to have fidelity to the constitution, specifically the fourth amendment as it applies to the NSA scandal.
     I have heard so-called conservatives like radio talk show host, Bill Bennett, not only disagree with Rand Paul's defense of the constitution, but adumbrate that Senator Paul is some wild-eyed extremist that is off the reservation for his allegiance to the constitution he took an oath to protect and defend. I would not want the reader to confuse my support of Rand Paul for criticism of Mr. Bennett, whom I admire and respect a great deal, having read many of his books and listened to hundred of hours of his radio broadcasts. But the nexus of academia and government resides in the very soul of Doctor Bennett, having spent most of his adult life in one or the other.
     The very core mission of conservatism is the preservation of the principles and values outlined and enshrined in the constitution and other founding documents of this great nation. To do any less can not be considered conservative. While there are many who consider themselves conservatives simply by saying so, it is those who are willing to suffer the slings and arrows, many from their own side in the battle, for defending the precious life blood of our republic, who are the true conservators of constitutional principles. It is with individuals like Rand Paul that our best hope lies, and not with the Modicans who are more concerned with populating big government with "Rs" instead of depopulating big government all together according to the principles of Madison, Jefferson, Adams, et al, who gave up their security for God's precious gift of personal liberty. Let us not now squander that gift of liberty for security that is worthless without it.

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