Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Compound Nature Of Munoz Tragedy

     There is a situation brewing in Texas which is illustrative of how far down the road of dehumanization we have traveled as a nation. It further explains the inability for some who are inundated with the culture of death to place any value on life. I allude to Marlise Munoz, the Fort Worth, Texas woman who is pregnant and on life support. The family and their lawyers are going to court to allow them to end Marlise's life, thus ending the life of her unborn child. The hospital is following Texas law which forbids the removal of a pregnant woman from life support as long as there is a chance to save the life of her unborn baby.
     The Munoz's lawyers have determined that the baby has abnormalities and is "non-viable," a self-serving sanctimonious legal statement masquerading as a medical diagnosis. Have we arrived at a place in our culture that life is so cheap and inconsequential that it can be summarily dismissed because a lawyer says that life is "non-viable?"  Does the baby living within its brain dead mother not have the same right to live as anyone of us? Therein lies the rub, because if the answer to my proceeding question is no, then it is only a matter of time that the right to life will be determined by an ever changing list of conditions.
     It has always amazed me how those who support abortion, mostly on the Left, will move heaven and earth to protect the smallest animal life on the planet, and wet themselves over the smallest micro biotic life found on some distant planet, but refuse to acknowledge the life growing inside a human woman as a child. Even in the hard cold light of science, a fertilized egg in a woman's womb meets all the requirements of life. And that life is human. In other words, if left to maturation it will be a human child, not a cocker spaniel, a tit mouse, or a petunia. Furthermore, with what we now know about DNA, a baby in its mother's womb has a distinct genome from the mother, and therefore is a unique human life and not just  "a part of the woman's body."
     The legalization of abortion forty years ago is the standard-bearer of Leftist policy failure. The main driver of legalized abortion was as a way to reduce out-of-wedlock births, mothers of unwanted pregnancies being legally able to end that pregnancy and neatly dispose of their children. That was, of course, what the pro-abortion crowd used as their main argument in the debate. The out-of-wedlock birth rate in the nation as a whole in 1974 was 6%, and among the inner city black community it was 20%. Today, after forty years of government sanctioned infanticide of millions of unwanted children, the out-of-wedlock birth rate in the general population of the United States is 43% and among the inner city black population it is 75%.
     I feel sympathy for the Munoz family, it is never easy to lose a loved one. I am sure they feel helpless at not being able to save the life of Marlise. But they are not helpless in saving her baby's life, and I am sure Marlise, like any other mother, would do anything to ensure the safety of her child. Even if it means that her brain dead body must be kept on life support until her baby can be safely taken from it. To do any less would not only be immoral, but a sin against the institution of motherhood of which Marlise was a member.

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