Friday, January 31, 2014

The Most Disturbing Thing About Barack Obama

     The most disturbing and troubling thing about President Obama's State of the Union speech was the very thing that is most disturbing about all of his speeches and public appearances, it is what is conspicuously absent, not what is painfully present. Barack Obama treats his Americanism the same way he treats his whiteness, he ignores it and/or derides it mercilessly. This president is the first in the collective memory of Americans who is deliberately unwilling to acknowledge the greatness of America and the endowment made to the library of freedom by the principles and values enshrined in the founding documents of this great nation.
     It is easy to understand why Barack Obama excludes his white heritage. It can not be used, as his black heritage can, for everything from bullying the leadership of Harvard to list him as a professor when he was no more than a guest lecturer, to winning the presidency of the United States and pushing his radical agenda over the objections of persons who he characterizes as racists for opposing him. The exclusion of his American heritage is done for much the same reason, but with a target audience being the America-hating folks who comprise his base.
     Never before in this nation's history have we had a president whose overwhelming good fortune required so little effort on his part. And instead of being grateful for the unearned advantages he enjoys as a result of the efforts by more substantive men than himself, he sneers and snarls at the very source of his liberty. This is a common affliction among Leftists, i.e., the duplicitous behavior of biting the hand of liberty that feeds them their freedom to do so.
     But Barack Obama is only a symptom of the Leftist cancer that has metastasized in the vital organs of this great and free republic. He was, after all, elected by persons who have the same sense of entitlement and self-hatred for their own nation that he carries proudly to every podium from where he spews his corrosive rhetoric. Barack Obama chooses to lower the esteem of his political opponents in the eyes of the public, rather than raise up the stature of America. He would rather give Americans reasons to be victims than to give them reasons to succeed. We have a president whose conscious aim it is to detract from the human spirit instead of inspiring it, and to punish the free exercise of liberty instead of encouraging it. It is Barack Obama's ideology that results in the pathogen of oppression and the virus of tyranny that disturbs the soul of liberty and causes it the uneasiness of imminent thoughts of its demise.

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