Monday, January 13, 2014

Barack Obama's War Against The Commercial Bus Industry

     The latest executive edict from "Dear Leader" is a mandate that all commercial buses must have lap and shoulder restraints for every passenger. This over-reaching attempt to punish yet another industry with higher costs has been implemented, according to the Obama administration, to ostensibly save about 20 lives a year. A figure that represents forty percent of the approximately 50 persons who die in commercial bus accidents every year in the United States. The cost to the commercial bus industry could reach into the tens of millions of dollars in additional procurement and installation costs, not to mention maintenance costs on the new equipment.
     Apparently the President is not concerned with the lives of school children or anyone riding public transportation, these two classes of buses having been exempt from the decree. According to the National Health & Transportation Safety Administration, there are 400 deaths a year due to bus accidents. One hundred and thirty seven are children riding school buses, about 213 are a result of public transportation bus accidents, and only 50 deaths a year are attributable to the commercial buses that are subject to the new edict.
     When one delves further into the data, it shows that riding a commercial bus is actually safer than riding in  a car. There are approximately 45 deaths per every 100,000 bus accidents, but a whopping 251 deaths for every 100,000 car accidents. This chasm in the statistics exists even with the ubiquitous nature of seat belts and shoulder restraints present in cars, further mitigating the President's argument to force their installation in commercial buses.
     Contained within the latest proclamation from King Barack is language that ensures easier access to litigation against commercial bus companies, yet another pay back to the trial lawyers for their unyielding support of the current regime. Just to remind the reader once again, this latest dictate does not apply to public transportation or school buses, violating the sanctity of Equal Protection Under the Law. Which seems to be the modus operandi of the man who preaches the false gospel of equality and "social justice."
     This latest edict is illustrative of President Obama's disconnect from reality as it applies to matters of business and economics. Apparently when Barack Obama was matriculated in the Leftist seminaries known as the university system in this country, he did not learn that additional frivolous costs placed on businesses results in a reduction in the quality of services, higher prices, or both. But then it would not matter to an authoritarian narcissist like Mr. Obama, who revels in his constitutionally illegitimate power to impose ridiculous regulations on better men than himself, and micromanage an economy that he has never worked in or contributed to in any significant way. 

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