Thursday, February 27, 2014

Arizona Legislation Was Anti-Discriminatory

     The new religious freedom bill in Arizona unfortunately is not going to become the law of the land in that state. Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the legislation under duress from radical homosexual groups. The legislation, and the concepts of religious freedom contained within, offended "gay rights" activists so much that they had to lie about the bill by characterizing it as discriminatory. As per usual, the Left is 180 degrees out of phase with reality.
      The legislation would have actually ensured that the religious beliefs of business owners would not be violated by the forced participation in activities that offend their moral and religious sensitivities. Sound familiar? It should, it is the very same moral correctness used to write the first amendment to the United States constitution. Of course, for the Left, there is no religious freedom, unless the religion is Leftism. And there is no freedom of speech unless it is in support of their religion.
     The vetoed legislation in Arizona, that would have protected citizens religious freedom, was   heralded by the Left as "anti-gay." But the Arizona legislation did not even mention homosexuals, let alone any restrictions placed upon them. But the Left sees any permission for persons to practice their faith, when it does not condone and celebrate their agenda, as discriminatory. The Left can not tolerate any moral conscience or individual thought, all must march to the beat of the group think drummer.
     If a baker has long-held religious beliefs that prevent him from making a wedding cake for a same sex couple, and the right to practice those beliefs are upheld by law, what is the detriment to any same sex couple? They are not being prevented from having their cake made by a baker who does not have such beliefs. By forcing the baker to make the cake, the radical homosexual community and others on the Left, have placed their rights above those of the baker. This is antithetical to the live-and-let-live spirit of the constitution.
      The Arizona situation has once again illustrated the Lefts unwillingness to practice constitutional principles, and its live-and-let-live tenet. It is not enough for those on the Left to engage in the sacraments of their corrupt faith, they aim to impose those sacraments on the whole of American society. They will bully, intimidate, lie, and cheat to bring to fruition their twisted vision of Utopia. A Utopia where thoughts no longer belong to the individual but to the State. A Utopia where religious faith is no longer in competition with Leftist secularism for the heart and soul of a nation. A Utopia that replaces virtue with vice and freedom with the chains of conformity.

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