Monday, February 24, 2014

The Lefts Deconstruction Of Community

     In order for the Left to impose the oppression of their policies, it is essential that they deconstruct reality and truth. God being the foundation of truth, and nature having irreversible realities of its own, it is important for the Left to convince as many persons as possible that there is no truth of either God or human nature. The Left knows that by destroying the culture's belief in both God and human nature, it will become more centered on government and less on the individual, family, and community. The only truth remaining is the false truth of big government.
     Barack Obama and other committed Leftists speak of community, but then implement policies that encourage behaviors that are detrimental to the community. The individual who does the most for his community is the one who makes good life decisions based on virtue. He who lives healthy, works every day, and supports himself and his family, has done more for his community than any government program. Creating individual wealth is the most moral and complete way to help one's community. The Lefts idea of community is for fewer and fewer people to contribute more than their fair share to government coffers controlled by politicians, who then create programs of dependence which enable an ever growing percentage of the population in their bad decisions.
     It is this desire to drive society ever closer to the parentage of big government, and away from the independence of local community, that makes so-called community organizers like Barack Obama the complete antithesis of community. These "community organizers" do not so much organize communities as they do deconstruct them. They preach, not the sermon of communities depending on themselves to solve their problems, but a diatribe of class and race warfare with big centralized government playing the role of savior and saint. The community organizer's job, as well as that of all Leftists, is to draw strength from the community in order to empower government.
     Drawing strength from the community depends primarily on making it less Godly. Those who are God-centered are not inclined to be government-centered. God's absolutes contained within the nature of humans he created, has been replaced with the ever-changing "values" of big government that are the only sacraments of Leftism. When there are no absolutes, then the Left can fill the vacuum of virtues remaining with the politically advantageous.
     So the sanctity of marriage infused with religious values and thousands of years of human tradition, is replaced with the profanity that marriage is simply an official recognition of a relationship between persons who "love each other." The sanctity of life has been replace with the profanity of abortion when it is in the womb, and the profanity of "compassionate end-of-life counseling" when it becomes too old to be useful to the State. The sanctity of distinct male/female natures has become the profanity of self expression in contradiction to those natures. And the sanctity of liberty, given as a gift to humans from a loving God, has become the profanity of an overly activist government that has the audacity to believe in its own power to solve every problem. 
     The success that the Left has had in changing the American culture into a European Socialist one, comes as a result of their ability to destroy local communities. When the connections in a community are severed through multi-culturalism and constant class and race warfare, then all eyes turn to  authoritarian big government that is controlled by the ruling class.

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