Monday, February 10, 2014

Multi-Cultural Coke, Bob Dylan And Chrysler

     Being one that does not have the drivel of popular culture mainstreamed into my home through either broadcast, cable, or satellite television, I may appear to be "out of the loop." My further disinterest in sports makes me somewhat of an outcast among beer-guzzling sports fans of my sex. I do know enough to acknowledge that the Super Bowl was played over a week ago, and from what I have heard, my membership in the club of non-sports watchers stood me in fine stead, allowing me to miss not so much a contest but a practice session for the Seattle Seahawks.
     From what I have heard in the ensuing week since the Super Bowl, there were two commercials in particular that seemed to stir the passions of the game's spectators like the play on the field could not. One was the multi-cultural Coca-Cola commercial in which America the Beautiful was sung in different languages. The other commercial that seem to spark a minor controversy was the Chrysler ad in which singer/songwriter icon, Bob Dylan, played spokesman for the car manufacture.
     If I may, I will address these commercials in inverse order, dealing with the Bob Dylan commercial first. I read many criticisms of Mr. Dylan calling him a sellout for hawking cars for Chrysler Motors. It has always amused me that those that call celebrities "sellout" for receiving fair compensation for their endorsement, are the very people who do not have a marketable personality. And Bob Dylan is a man who is no stranger to being called a sellout. Those on the Left have been merciless when applying that term to Mr. Dylan over the last fifty years.
     They called him a sellout when he transitioned from "protest songs" to ones of a more personal nature. And the oppressive Left flipped out further when Bob decided to expand his music using electrical instruments. He was called a sellout when he became a born again Christian, although I do not understand how one makes the case that God is somehow analogous to a commercial enterprise. Sellout is a term applied to celebrities by envious nobodies for making a profit from years of hard work building a persona that has value to the commercial market. Truly a cardinal sin, especially among Leftists who choose not to work so hard.
     The second Super Bowl commercial requiring my comment is the Coca-Cola ad with America the Beautiful being the target of sacrilege by being sung in different languages. It has become very popular among the multi-cultural Left to extinguish the embers of our national culture and balkanize the country. When a people do not have a common language and culture, greatness will allude them and their society will devolve into disparate groups that are linked together by nothing but dependence on government. Far from bringing people together as it claims, multi-culturalism divides people by destroying their national commonality.
     In the final analysis, Bob Dylan was making a living from his work, just like a plumber, electrician, or anyone who works for a living. Coca-Cola, on the other hand, is the true sellout, selling out to the tin gods of political correctness and multi-culturalism.  

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