Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hit And Miss Conservatives

      There is one core behavior that separates the Democrat political class from that of their Republicant counterparts, i.e., motivation. Democrats are motivated by the greed of government authoritarianism in every policy decision, political campaign, and cultural battle in which they engage. Republicants on the other hand have lately been motivated by pure fear.
     When one examines the Republicant party's descent into the cavern of politics over principle, it becomes clear that a majority of the decisions they have made in the last 5 years have been out of fear. They are afraid of being called racists, so they do not vigorously oppose Barack Obama and his policies. They are afraid of being called sexists, and therefore they do not push their pro-life and pro-family agenda. They are afraid of being called bigots, so they talk about comprehensive immigration reform, in other words amnesty. They are afraid of being called crony capitalists, and so they do not vigorously defend the free market. They are afraid of being blamed for government shut downs, so they allow the nation to sink further into the pit of irretrievable debt.
     There has been a cancerous ethos making its way among many on the Right that informs them that opposing moderate Republicant office holders in the primaries with more conservative candidates is not wise. Their flawed thinking has them using the circuitous logic that as long as Republicants like Mitch McConnel and John Cornin agree with them 80% of the time, electing them is better than having a Democrat take the seats in congress that they currently occupy. I do not accept the eighty percent premise. A vote for raising the debt limit to whatever President Obama wants to spend of taxpayer money in the next 13 months, can not be weighted the same as a vote on some more innocuous issue. In other words, the moderate Republicants vote against conservative values when they demand a strong backbone, and for them when they require less courage. These are what I call Hit And Miss Conservatives.
     Conservative author and commentator, Ann Coulter, has apparently joined the ranks of the Hit And Miss Conservatives. She seems to have a personal vendetta against the Tea Party. She was recently on Sean Hannity's TV show and essentially said the Tea Party should shut up and sit down and let the establishment choose who is going to run for office in the Republicant party. Ms. Coulter's hurt feelings caused by Tea Party members illustrating her political slobbering over Chris Christie early in the 2012 campaign, may be the reason for her current displeasure with their opposition to moderate Republicants in congress.
      The Hit And Miss Conservatives' theory that more Republicants in congress automatically translates into public policy that is good for the country, is flawed. This theory is not born out by the Bush years, when Republicants had control and passed legislation like the prescription drug entitlement, campaign finance reform, and no child left behind. Additionally, they spent taxpayer dollars like drunken sailors and capped it all off with the TARP bailouts that seeded the trillion dollar Obama deficits.
     I contend that many on the Right, both in congress and the so-called conservative media, have allowed themselves to become more like Democrats. For them, getting elected is more important than changing the hearts and minds of the American public and convincing them of the folly of Leftist policies, and the virtue of conservative ones. They have chosen to take the path of least resistance, instead of engaging in the hard work of conservatism. The Hit And Miss Conservatives not only hurt the cause of conservatism, but they do not present the voting public with a  morally clear alternative to Leftism. The vacuum they create with their indecision is then filled with the empty promises, oppression, and vice of those on the Left. 

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