Friday, February 28, 2014

Global Warming Cooling

      First there were the emails between "scientists" at England's East Anglia University in their Hadley Institute on Climate, showing collusion to ignore and hide data that disproved man-made global warming. Then there was the bombshell release of computer code for the weather models used as the main source of proof for global warming, which had the desired results pre-programmed into the models. Now Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, has stated that there is no evidence to support the concept of man-made global warming. He also said the purveyors of such politically motivated nonsense use scare tactics and pseudo-science to push their agenda.
     Any fool can look at the unusual, but not record-breaking cold, some of the country has endured this Winter, and realize that global warming is the biggest hoax perpetrated on man since, well since ever. The gig is up for the global warming crowd, but yet they still insist on trying to convince the gullible that somehow everything weather related is the result of global warming. The worrisome part is that government is now filled with global warming devotees whose aim it is to enact legislation designed to redistribute wealth and add to the ill-gotten gains of climate hucksters like Al Gore.
     The real issue of logic that defenders of global warming have a hard time answering is one of data. None of their dire predictions of the last 30 years about the effects of global warming have come true. Even if their belief in global warming was based on data, records on climate only include the last hundred years or so. With the earth being billions of years old, 100 years of data is hardly representative. And the data we do have disproves man-made climate change, since most extreme shifts in climate occurred before industrialization, which is currently being blamed for the non-existent shift in the modern climate.
     Actually, in the last 15 years or so there has been no appreciable change in global temperatures, even according to data from the Church of Man-Made Climate Change. Things have gotten so desperate for the global warming folks that they are saying that no change over the last 15 years is proof of man-made climate change. But global warming is illustrative of the Lefts manufactured crisis for the purpose of growing government control in the lives of individuals. It is sold to the American public on the basis of emotion. They convince people that the planet is suffering from man's presence and that the individual has the power to "save" the earth.
     The public is beginning to wake up to the fraud of man-made climate change. With more prominent scientists like Patrick Moore sounding the alarm bell of reason that those promoting global warming are more dangerous than any effects they claim the phony crisis may have on our world, the truth is slowly turning the Al Gorians into history's biggest clowns. But what has caused the cooling of global warming more than anything else, is the cold hand of reality slapping the chapped faces of those who have had to shovel many feet of global warming from their driveways this Winter.

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