Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Public Hazard Of Racial Preferences

     The immoral and corrupt practice of racial preferences inherent in so many of the Lefts instruments, like affirmative action, has begun to rear its ugly head in the necessary services provided by our cities. Not only are these practices dangerous to the values of our constitution, but in some instances they are also a danger to public safety. Two recent examples from Cleveland, Ohio illustrate my premise.
     Last year, multiple Cleveland police officers were involved in a high speed chase that resulted in them having to shoot and kill two defendants. The criminals were crack addicts who lead the officers on the high speed chase, used their car as a weapon against police, and led police to believe that they were armed. For their part in protecting the community from these animals, some officers were suspended, reprimanded, or both. Police chief McGrath was promoted to city safety director for choosing to bow to the gods of political correctness instead of defending his officers.
     Because of this police chase last year, a man was recently given immunity from prosecution for drunk driving because he was black. The gentleman was three times over the legal limit and had a bottle of booze on his lap when he totaled his girlfriend's car into a tree. He had received two Driving While Intoxicated charges prior to this incident. But because of the Cleveland police department's new policy that blacks will not be charged with serious crimes when it can be avoided, the drunk driver got off with nothing more severe than a failure to control citation. After the shooting incident last year, the city of Cleveland has determined that it needs to assuage its collective racial guilt by bestowing blanket immunity on a segment of residents based on the color of their skin.
     Another example of a threat to public safety designed to please the gods of political correctness, is the ambulance service in the inner-city of Cleveland. In one district alone in the month of January there were over 10,000 runs. The population of the entire city is only 380,000. The reason for the extremely high call volume from the inner-city is that paramedics and dispatchers are not allowed to tell anyone that they may not be in need of emergency services. To do so might be seen as racist, since a vast majority of the city's residents are black. So therefore they must take every call, from literally having to clean up someone who has had an unscheduled bowel movement, to a woman who needs a ride to the drug store to pickup her birth control pills.
     This misuse of services is encouraged by government. I was told by a paramedic that some of the persons calling them for innocuous things, like taking them to a doctor's appointment, are doing so because Medicaid requires its beneficiaries to expend the total of their benefits or they will be reduced the following year. Many of the over 10,000 calls in this one district were repeat calls from the same "patients." When every frivolous call is given the same attention as real emergencies, the system becomes overtaxed and its efficiency suffers, and so do the real patients with real medical emergencies.
     The Lefts political correctness of racial preferences costs this nation more than tax dollars and extemporaneous regulations. In the case of Cleveland, Ohio, it could very well cost lives. By allowing the man who wrapped his car around a tree driving drunk, to keep driving legally on the streets of Cleveland, the city and its new racial preference policy endanger the lives of law-abiding citizens every day. And by not separating the real emergencies from frivolous calls, the city once again has allowed its duty to political correctness to override the responsibility to its citizens. The real tragedy is that I do not believe that Cleveland, Ohio is alone in its practice of unequal protection under the law. I fear that these kinds of practices have become all too commonplace, leaving those who pay the bills in this country woefully under represented in city government as well as on a national level.

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