Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Recent Military Reduction: A Deriliction Of Duty

     Of all the damage that Barack Obama has done to this country in the arenas of economic policy, racial harmony, and constitutional government, none has been so dangerous as his foreign policy. In  just five short years the Obama administration has transformed the United States from lone super-power status with the ability to influence world events for the good, to a whimpering bench-rider confined to the sidelines. This "accomplishment" not only portends troubled waters for the U.S., but for all the nations of the world who depend on its leadership in the cause of liberty.
     Many on the Left and the Right criticized those of us who said from the beginning that the number one goal of Barack Obama was to manage America's decline. But now, with the decline well under way, only a fool or an Obama supporter would deny it. With the economy barely producing at half its normal pace, the greatest health care industry in the world in the process of becoming just another government nightmare, and now with the recent announcement from Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel that he is cutting the military by twenty percent, the triumvirate of America's destruction is complete.
     In his announcement, Secretary Hagel said that it was the end of United States military dominance in the world. This move to deplete our defenses, and the announcement to our enemies that we are making ourselves weaker, is also a signal to our allies that they can no longer depend on a strong America to defend the cause of freedom. Barack Obama and his fellow travelers believe that United States dominance is the reason for conflict in the world, not the discouragement of it. Ronald Reagan once said, "No war of the last hundred years has been fought because America was too strong."
     The real tragedy of the Obama presidency is not so much the historic level of debt, the chronically ill economy, or the extra-constitutional president. It is that for the first time in the modern era, and maybe in the entirety of this country's history, we have a president that is outwardly disdainful and hostile to the founding principles of this country and is actively working to mitigate them. Barack Obama has made no secret of the fact that he does not think the liberty of Franklin, Madison, and Jefferson is fair or equitable. That is why from the beginning he said he wants to "fundamentally transform" this country.
      The recent reduction in our military strength is a fundamental transformation from a federal government constitutionally bound to provide it, to an oligarchy that sees itself as unbound from 238 year old documents, the guiding principles of liberty, or any sense of duty to common decency. It is this dereliction of duty by the current president that dishonors the office, the nation, and liberty itself.          

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