Saturday, February 8, 2014

Republicants Setup For Failure In Mid-Terms

     As of next Friday, the United States Treasury will be unable to issue bonds for the purposes of paying for government debt, unless the debt limit ceiling is increased. You remember the debt limit ceiling? It comes around every so often after President Obama has squandered trillions of hard earned tax payer dollars and demands that congress increase the limit on the nation's credit card, which currently has a balance owed of 17 trillion dollars. The Republicants in congress dutifully acquiesce after pretending to put up a fuss just to fool their base into thinking they are fiscally responsible.
     The current debt limit debate, which will be more like the sound of one hand clapping, if one remembers, was the "fight" that Republicant leadership said they were going to have in lieu of possessing the gonads to defund ObamaCare when they had the chance last spring. But lately, John Boehner and his band of misfits are making noises of defeat, not even demonstrating the pretense of exacting concessions from President Obama in exchange for his ability to put the country in even deeper debt. The Republicant leadership is said by some to be "worn out" over the constant battles with the president. It must take an extreme amount of energy and effort to engage in all that rolling over.
      The broken record of congressional Republicant leadership on the issue of "taking a stand" has alienated much of their base to the point that many may stay home in the upcoming mid-term elections this November. While pundits and others on the Right are predicting gains in the House of Representatives and a "good chance" for a Senate takeover by Republicants, I see a different scenario playing out.
     My pessimism is not because I think Democrats have a more electable platform to run on, after all they have driven this country to the edge of bankruptcy and the worse unemployment we have ever seen, but because Republicants have been more enablers than opposition. Simply raising the debt limit with no concessions from the president makes the whole concept of a limit null and void. The Republicants should remove the farce of the debt limit and allow the president to borrow and spend as much as he wants. In essence that has been the modus operandi over the last 5 years with little exception.
     Speaker of the House, John Boehner, recently quipped that there is no sense in congress passing laws that the president is going to pick and choose which parts of said laws he wants to enforce or not. Well jiminy cricket Batman, is it not congress that has allowed this president to run wild in the candy store, ignoring the restraints put on him by the constitution like a child ignoring the flaccid voice of a weak parent? The power of the constitution is in the willingness of each of the three branches of government to restrain the other two branches, and for the people of the United States to restrain them all with their power of the vote. Sadly, we have become an unrestrained society in which the constitution has no place, and the vacuum will be filled by the oppression of tyranny, realizing the greatest fears of our Founding Fathers.  

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