Friday, February 14, 2014

Winter Weather Is Obama Pass

     You may have heard some people, mostly in the Obama administration and their annex on Wall Street, blame the recent Winter weather for the terrible economic data resulting from Obamanomics. The number of jobs created by this strangled economy has been anything but economically sustaining. But the last two months, the number of jobs created has been even more pathetic than it has been throughout the last five years. And you guessed it, the horrible numbers have been blamed on Winter weather, as if we have never had any before.
     In the world of the Obamaites  (those on Wall Street being solid members in that club having supported Barack Obama in both of his presidential bids by a ratio of 2 to 1), employers only add jobs in good weather. This theory about job creation being based on weather instead of business needs shows the lack of understanding of how business works by those on the Left, even those whose business is business.
     The weak retail sales for January (a drop of fourth tenths of a percent instead of the expected rise of one tenth) was also blamed on the Winter weather. On the surface this may make sense because people shop less when the roads are snow-covered. But Internet sales also dropped by three tenths of a percent, which can not be explained away by inclement weather. The decrease in Internet sales is a sign that the consumer is being financially squeezed by Obama policies like Health Care Reform.
     There is no doubt that the economy is slowing, even from the snails pace it has traveled the last 5 years. But it is to the benefit of those on Wall Street, both politically and financially, to feed the charade of a growing economy. Politically, because most of them being committed Leftists  can not allow their president to appear as the economic failure he is. And financially, their motivation is to pump up the economy to lure retail investors into ploughing their money into an artificially rising market.
      It has been educative of the Lefts complete disconnect from reality to watch the main stream financial media blame Winter weather for the endless stream of bad economic data. The almost pathological desire to make Barack Obama look like a success, and bestow him with achievement where there is none, is endemic of his entire life. There has always been someone there to change his Cs into As, to give him ownership of a bigger house than he could afford on his own, and to ordain him with titles he did not warrant by merit. But now instead of his benefactors being professors at Columbia, Tony Resko, and the faculty at Harvard respectively, it is the majority of the financial industry. And it is done so to the detriment of American liberty and prosperity in which the American people keep their wealth of freedom.

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