Tuesday, February 18, 2014

He/She Is The Foundation Of Society

     It was the famous Russian author Anton Chekhov that once stated, "He/she is the machine that makes fiction work."  Expanded to its logical conclusion, fiction being a veiled representation of reality, he/she is the machine that makes civilized societies work. When the distinction between male and female is blurred or eliminated, and their unique characteristics which contribute beauty and meaning to life are drained of their importance, then the entire human experience of meaningful advancement is depleted.
     The distinction between male and female is one of the five distinctions that the Left tries to eliminate in society. According to Dennis Praeger, conservative author and radio talk show host, the other four distinctions are between God and man, man and animal, good and evil, and holy and profane. The one between men and women has been especially assaulted by the Left in the last couple of decades. And the assault continues with the announcement this week by Face Book that they have expanded their sex classifications for profiles beyond male and female to also include fifty categories all together.
     The effort by the Left to remove distinctions between the sexes has its basis in their belief that human beings exist in and of themselves without any responsibility or adherence to natural laws or a defining principle. It is one of the main tenets of Leftism that there is no entity, ethos, value, or concept that is greater than the selfish needs of the individual. This poisonous thinking is what leads Leftists to claim that every set of behaviors, whether exhibited by an individual or a group of individuals, is equal, and no set of principles is superior.
     It is the Lefts inability to see distinctions, especially between male and female, that prompts them to advocate for public policy that is destructive to the progress of humans as a higher species, capable of spiritual pursuits. When the natural distinction between male and female is obliterated, the very foundations of civilized society like marriage and child-rearing are made to crumble. And a society that actively encourages its members to redefine nature itself can no more survive as a culture than a bird in the depths of the sea, or a fish in the waterless environs of high altitudes.
     He/she is what makes humankind survive, thrive and progress. Each contributing its unique gifts and characteristics, like the different parts of an engine, to create the well functioning mechanism of a proper society. Without the distinction between male and female, our culture devolves into nothing more than soulless beings with no reverence for or fidelity to a higher principle than that of the most basest of our instincts.

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