Friday, February 7, 2014

Governance Inequality

     Listening to President Obama and other divisive voices on the Left would lead one to believe that the biggest problem in search of a big government solution facing this country is income inequality. But the gap between the rich and the poor is inconsequential, unlike the gap between the governed and those who govern. Wall Street bonuses and corporate golden parachutes are not important, what is important is the government graft, corruption, and influence-peddling that allows middle-class politicians to become millionaires vis-a-vis their time in the public service.
     Unfortunately you will not hear the president or members of congress proposing solutions to solve governance inequality, the gap in the constitution having been torn so wide one could float an oil rig through it. The Founders of this great nation created a system of government that understood, in the words of James Madison, "...if men were governed by angels, there would be no need for restraints on government." That is why the majority of the power to govern was placed into the hands of the people.
     But the chasm between federal power and the people who were given the right by the constitution to be the control on that power, has grown exponentially over the last 60 years, but has accelerated out of control in the last couple of decades. From legislation like ObamaCare and Financial Reform, which are just blank checks to be filled in by members of the bureaucratic class, to presidential edicts that subjugate the will of the people's representatives in congress, governance inequality has become a beast too wild to tame.
     Our "leaders" in Washington no longer see themselves as public servants, but as public masters, an elite class of individuals who perpetuate government wealth by confiscating private wealth. They have subverted this great republic into a three card Monty game where they are the dealer and the rest of us are just the poor rubes who senselessly shovel our hard earned money onto a table rigged by the greed and graft of federal governance.
     Income inequality is a sign of a healthy economy, governance inequality is a sign of tyranny. When the power of government to change people's lives over takes the power for people to change their own lives, then governance inequality has robbed a free people of the purse of their liberty in which their freedom is kept. And when the lawgivers have become separated from those who are subjugated to the full operation of the law, then the sanctity of the constitution becomes swallowed in the profanity of governance inequality.        

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