Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Donald Sterling's Remarks And The Lefts Phony Outrage

     Not being a basketball fan, or really much of a sports fan at all, until the last few days I had no idea who Donald Sterling was. But even not knowing a lick about the decades-long Los Angeles Clippers owner, once the news broke about racist remarks he made in a phone call when he did not know he was being taped by his ex-girlfriend, I immediately knew he was a Democrat. The absence of his party affiliation in main stream news reports about his comments was typical behavior by a media that goes out of its way to report the political affiliation of those on the Right when they are caught in negative behavior, and the total lack of interest in such party alliances when the offender is anyone on the Left.
      The racist remarks by Mr. Sterling are equaled in their disgusting nature only by the manufactured outrage by those on the Left, especially in the world of sports. Holding the title of longest standing owner of an NBA team, Mr. Sterling's attitudes and bigotry was well known throughout his industry. Even those outside the industry of professional basketball knew of his racism, and yet it was ignored, even by the NAACP who just recently were going to bestow him with a lifetime achievement award. And what was his lifetime achievement in promoting the advancement of blacks? He gave a sizable donation to the organization.
     I do not share Mr. Sterling's feelings on race. However the real intolerability of this affair is the reaction by a Left wing that encourages racism with a wink and a nudge in private when it is proffered by their rich donors or political elite, and then engage in artificial disgust when such behavior is made public.
     Sometimes the Left can not even be bothered to manufacture phony outrage over racist comments uttered by their political royalty. Such was the case when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Barack Obama was special because he could seamlessly slip into a negro dialect when he had to. Or when Joe Biden said of Barack Obama, that in him the Democrat party finally had a clean, articulate black man running for president. Or when Bill Clinton, in trying to convince Ted Kennedy to swing his support from Barack Obama to Hillary, said to the late Senator that a few years ago Obama would have been serving them their coffee.
      The race whores in the Race Industrial Complex wasted no time jumping on Mr. Sterling's remarks to further their flailing electoral chances with a public that is growing weary of their destructive policies. The madam of the race industry's house of ill repute, Barack Obama, even took time out from his Asian tour to comment on the remarks of a private citizen back home. Mr. Obama is hard pressed and tight-lipped when it involves standing up against the evils of radical Islamic terrorism, but is quick to jump on the bus of racial divisiveness and ride it to the slaughterhouse of political advantage.     
     President Obama and his waning-in-support Democrat party are worried about polling that shows a lack of voting interest among their core constituencies of minorities and single women. So in these months before the mid-term elections this Fall, Americans can look forward to being pummeled with the dual mallets of race-baiting and The War on Women rhetoric. The speciousness of the Lefts reaction to the Donald Sterling comments are just the first salvo in what is sure to be a long and distasteful Democrat campaign to keep control of the United States Senate.

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