Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why The Left Hates Faith-Based Initiatives

     The recent struggle that a Cincinnati, Ohio faith-based homeless shelter has been made to endure by the Housing and Urban Development cabal, is illustrative of the Lefts distaste for persons of faith, especially, it seems, the Christian faith. The desire on the part of Democrats and others on the Left to mitigate or even eliminate Christianity from daily participation in the charitable works that have been a part of this country since its founding, has been obvious and forcefully imposed in recent years. The reason for the Lefts unyielding attempt to beat down the necessary growth of faith in this country is twofold.
     First, the Lefts entire being, spiritually, physically, and intellectually (to the extent that they have an intellect) is fully dedicated to growing both the size and authority of government, and the number and intensity of dependence by the American public. Religious charities are widely known to be more efficient in helping the poor and disadvantaged, with a majority of them being in the ninety percentile of efficiency. The government-run charities like welfare, Medicaid, food stamps, and others are only about twenty percent efficient. That means that someone participating in a program run by a faith-based organization has a 70% greater chance of actually being helped.
     The second reason for the Lefts malice towards faith-based charity is that it actually has the goal of empowering participants to stand on their own. The exact opposite goal is in effect with government programs. Their purpose is to keep participants weak so that the need for government in their lives never shrinks, but only grows. Leftists see the efficaciously administered faith-based programs that make participants stronger as competition to their ubiquitous government programs that only enrich the bureaucrats who administer them, and create a permanent voting block for the politicians who support them.
     The Democrat party and others on the Left are disingenuous when they claim that faith-based initiatives violate the manufactured concept of separation of church and state. The Leftists who have actually taken the time to read the Constitution of the United States realize that the First Amendment guarantees the "free exercise of religion." And restricts the federal government from "establishing" a national faith to be adhered to by all citizens. The Left seems hell bent on ignoring the free exercise clause of the First Amendment.
     But the smoke screen of separation of church and state, which no one will ever find in the Constitution, obscures and obfuscates the fact that there is no constitutional basis for the government conducting charity with taxpayers' money. Of the specific enumerated powers that the Constitution grants the federal government, not one can be construed to sanction the forcible redistribution of funds by government from one citizen to another. I have always found it to be the height of hypocrisy that the Democrats who support these redistributive programs give the least amount of money and time to charity themselves. This according to Arthur Brooks' book Who Really Cares?
     The outcome of government charity is the death of the individuals self-worth, initiative, and hope. These things are all outcomes of deliberation rather than ignorance by the big government Democrats who continually feed the beast of government dependence. But the core reason that faith-based charity works, and government charity does not, is because those who operate the faith-based organizations acknowledge that they are simply being the hands of God on earth. The politicians who profit from government charity think of themselves as gods, with no higher power existing on earth than their model of government that confiscates wealth from some, redistributes it to others, and skims a healthy percentage directly into the pockets of the political class. 

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