Thursday, April 10, 2014

What The Margaret Sanger Award Says About Democrats

     Planned Parenthood occupies the highest position in the clergy of the Left, being extolled as the great liberator of women by exterminating their unwanted children. And the highest and most venerated achievement of any Leftist is receipt of the Margaret Sanger award. Hillary Clinton received it in 2009, and Nancy Pelosi is its most recent recipient.
     Margaret Sanger is the woman who founded Planned Parenthood as a way to implement what she termed her "negro project." Her writings and public speeches were laced with talk of "purification of the race" and "keeping undesirables from breeding." In fact, in 1929 she gleefully accepted a speaking engagement from the Ku Klux Klan to present herself at their convention in Silver Springs, New Jersey. She also wrote in a letter to a doctor friend, which is on display in a museum dedicated to her "work," that she did not want it to "get out that they wanted to exterminate the negro population."
     And this is the woman, Margaret Sanger, in whose name high profile Democrats like Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Pelosi have no shame accepting an award. In fact, in her speech to Planned Parenthood, Nancy Pelosi said that those who are pro-life are closed minded, stupid, and ignorant. What is ironic about her statement is not only that Mrs. Pelosi is a Catholic, which requires defense of the unborn even over politics, but that she accepted blessed rosary beads from Barack Obama who was given them by Pope Francis. I wonder if the Pontiff knows his rosary is now in the hands of someone who thinks he is closed minded, stupid, and ignorant?
     The evil eugenics of Margaret Sanger, which grew into the massive fields of life strangling weeds that is Planned Parenthood today, is illustrative of most, if not all policies of the Left. Their ideology refuses to allow any idea based on virtue and morality, instead opting for those based on oppression, larceny, and infamy. The Margaret Sanger charter of reducing the black population is not something in the distant past of the organization she founded. Even today, Planned Parenthood is about the business of eliminating black babies more than any other race or ethnicity. That is why their "clinics" are located mostly in black neighborhoods and why when journalist James O' Keefe called their centers around the country, and pretended to be a donor only if his money could be used to abort black babies, every center he called gladly accepted and reassured him that the money would be used for that purpose.
     All Leftist initiatives are borne of the most negative aspects of the human condition and are implemented for the purpose of subjugating their fellow citizens to their authority and their will. But abortion, more than any other Leftist practice, is the grand sacrament of their faith. And Margaret Sanger, whose namesake award is proudly accepted by high profile Democrats, is history's most prolific mass murderer, with over 100 million deaths of innocent victims to her credit. Elevating the reprobate to a status of respectability is the mission of a venal ethos like Leftism, which has no moral core upon which to judge its actions or improve the human condition which they daily sacrifice to their god of politics.

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