Saturday, April 26, 2014

Obama Gives Away America, One Tree At A Time

     President Obama made a speech this week in South Korea in which he proffered to the Korean people the heartfelt sympathy of the American people for the loss of life as a result of the recent  ferry tragedy. That part of the President's presentation was totally appropriate. However, I found it a little more than symbolic of this administration, and this president's radical ideology and world view, that he had an historic magnolia tree uprooted from its century-long home on the White House lawn, and shipped to the Korean school from where many of the ferry tragedy's victims came.
     I call it symbolic of Barack Obama's world view because in addition to redistributing America's wealth throughout the world, he apparently is now redistributing our national historical trees. Do not mistake this gesture of ostensible sympathy for what it really is, a lessening of those things important to the very history of this country. President Obama has been very deliberate in mitigating the importance of America's past prior to his election as its redeemer and savior. A past he sees as imperial and corrupt.
     Another recent Obama administration foray into the disbursement of America, is the redistribution of the very sovereignty of this great nation. The Obama White House, through the Department of Homeland Security, has proposed new rules for the deportation of illegal aliens, which essentially eliminates that legal remedy all together. The president and his administration say this a more humane policy towards those who have broken our laws to illegally breech our borders.
     The idea that children of illegals born in this country are bestowed with U.S. citizenship by virtue of the 14th amendment, has been challenged by legal and constitutional scholars who point out that the 14th amendment clearly states that the conferee of citizenship must be under the jurisdiction of the United States of America. A person who is in this country illegally, is hardly under its jurisdiction. Besides which, the 14th amendment says nothing about the parents of such a child being given special privileges to stay in this country under the manufactured practice of "anchor babies."
     The new Homeland Security policy dilutes U.S. citizenship and spreads it so thinly as to apply not only to those in this country illegally, but I suppose in the very near future to those living elsewhere in the world who wish to come here illegally. The president, without the constitutional permission or input from congress, has decriminalized illegal immigration. Once a nation has lost its sovereignty, one citizenship at a time, it becomes less a nation and more a collection of disparate persons with no single identity, or even a rule of law to unite them. The act of the president deforesting the nation, literally and figuratively, is no more evident than in his lending the weight of his office to the practice of illegal immigration.

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