Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Crowing President Lays An Egg On Hard Working Americans

     Yesterday, President Obama strutted around the White House lawn crowing about the "success" of his government confiscation of one sixth of the nation's economy via his unconstitutional health care law. And as per usual for this president, his braggadocio was entirely constructed from the bricks of dishonesty and subterfuge. His claim of 7.1 million Americans having signed up for health care through the ObamaCare exchanges, illustrated that Barack Obama employs a certain type of mathematics that is based on conjecture, wishful thinking, and falsification to arrive at its result.
      To understand the current lies about health care being proffered by the president, one must travel back in time prior to the law being breathed to life by deceit, dishonesty, and corruption. The Democrats and the administration claimed as many as 47 million Americans were uninsured. Even accepting their number, half of those uninsured chose to be so because they were young and healthy and made the conscious decision not to spend money on health care insurance. Out of the 23 million left, half of those were eligible for Medicaid or Medicare and chose not to enroll. So at most there were 11 million persons who were uninsured who wanted insurance but could not obtain it. This out of a country of 320 million.
     President Obama's "crowning" achievement was to cause millions of Americans who were happily insured to lose that insurance and be forced to go begging at the door of big government for their coverage. Insurance industry statistics show that only 14% of those who registered for plans through the government exchanges, were previously uninsured. Further statistics show that a minimum of twenty percent have not made their premium payments and are therefore uninsured. From the 5.6 million legitimate sign-ups on ObamaCare (accepting the White Houses' figures as truth) only 795 thousand were uninsured before the law was passed. (20% of 7.1 million times 14%)
     The devastation wrought by ObamaCare just to insure fewer than 800 thousand persons who were previously uninsured is sinful. A recent report showed that health care premiums have risen faster in the last year than in the previous eight years combined. Some Americans are seeing a doubling or tripling in premiums. And doctors are beginning to see what the new law means to them, i.e., reimbursements at only 60% compared to those prior to the law's implementation. So if Americans are paying more and doctors are receiving less, where is the additional money going? It is being spent by insurance companies on increased administration costs necessitated by ObamaCare's 20 thousand pages of regulations, and being stuffed into the pockets of Leftist groups like Planned Parenthood and ACORN.
     President Obama can crow all he wants about the thousand ton egg he has laid on the backs of hard working Americans. But those of us who have to pay for his tyranny understand the negative implications to liberty that this president has imposed. Never again will medicine be practiced freely by doctors upon patients who exercise liberty in choosing their own care. From this day forward the formerly free citizens must go begging at the door of bureaucrats for the health care they need, want, and desire. And what is abysmally disgusting is that Barack Obama finds this to be something about which to crow.

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