Monday, April 7, 2014

The Terminal Nature Of The Democrat Party

     After the presidential election of 2008, which inflicted upon this nation arguably one of the least liberty-based executives of the modern era, and possibly ever in our history, I felt disappointment and even compassion for those who voted Democrat. I knew that they did so out of ignorance and a lack of real participation in the political system, opting instead to fulfill Einstein's definition of insanity by continuing to do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.
     After the first term of Barack Obama, and the malaise his policies and community agitating caused in the lives of middle-class Americans, for any of those Americans to have voted against their best interests and re-elect Barack Obama in 2012, was an exercise in stupidity. My words may seem harsh, but with the blatant disregard this president has shown for the Constitution, rule of law, and privacy of individual citizens, one would have to actively seek delusion over reality in order to reconcile their voting to the precepts of liberty in which they claim to believe.
     I am flummoxed to new highs daily by the acceptance of mediocrity shown by average citizens, as well as those who claim some expertise in the arena of economics and finance. I heard a popular investment advisor on the radio this past weekend actually engage in praise for the employment footing in this country. This plugged-into-the-economy "expert" was extolling last Friday's employment data that showed the economy created 192,000 jobs in the month of March. I know this gentleman is certainly old enough to remember prior to 2008, when average monthly jobs gains were 250,000 to 300,000, and half a million or more in recoveries from recessions like the one we have supposedly been in for the last five years.
     Furthermore, this financial "expert" continues to behave as if sub-two percent growth in the United States economy is some sort of Nirvana. Surely he must realize that average Gross Domestic Product growth since the end of World War II has clocked in at 3.2 percent, and must reach 5-7 percent to grow the nation out of recessions. Or has this financial Titan scrubbed his mind clean of all relevant economic data that conflicts with Dear Leader's illusion of a growing economy that so many have chosen to believe over the rigors of the truth presented by reality.
     No, I do not easily suffer the actively sought ignorance that seems to be the popular past time of those who continue to vote Democrat. And although those who vote Republicant are not far behind them in deluding themselves about the values which drive their party's politics, there is still time to save them from the progressive rot that has caused the Democrat party to become terminal. Our nation's hope for a return to the liberty of the Founders is to save the Republicant party from the cowardice and fear under which they have recently operated, and gird them with the strength that comes from the free exercise of individual conscience upon which the foundation of liberty enshrined in our founding documents is constructed.        

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