Friday, April 25, 2014

Republicants Warm To Idea Of ObamaCare Lite

     There are two cases soon to be before the Supreme Court of the United States having to do with ObamaCare. The first is a challenge to providing subsidies to persons in states that did not setup their own exchanges, the subsidies being in violation of the law itself. The second is a challenge to the whole law based on revenue bills having to originate in the House of Representatives per the Constitution of the United States of America. As we all know, Justice Roberts twisted himself, and the law in question, into a pretzel to call the penalty for not having insurance a tax. Making the law a revenue bill originating in the Senate, therefore unconstitutional.
     If you are looking for you local or national Republicant representative to make the American people aware of these two issues, do not, I repeat, do not hold your breath. In fact I heard a radio interview with Tennessee Republicant Senator, Lamar Alexander, who all but acquiesced to government-run health care of some kind, while explaining the Republicants' plan. Mr. Alexander, and apparently many other Republicants in the United States Congress who took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution, have decided that what is needed for the nation's health care industry is a form of ObamaCare Lite.
     According to the new ObamaCare plan outlined by Senator Alexander, the federal government would allow Americans to have more choice of plans with lower deductibles than the current ObamaCare. The idea that Republicants would abandon the fight to fully repeal the unconstitutional law, and instead opt to tinker around its edges, is anathema to the concept of smaller, less intrusive government. But then I have become convinced in recent years that most of the Washington Republicant establishment elite support the concept of larger government, as long as that larger government is controlled by them.
     Mr. Alexander is illustrative of what happens to our representatives the longer they stay in Washington. They lose sight of the line that should be drawn between the private and public sectors, and believe that the public sector holds the solution to every problem in the private sector. It is what transpired in the mortgage industry, with Democrat social-engineering of housing becoming not only palatable to Republicants, but participated in by many of them as well.
     I would like to ask Mr. Alexander if he actually subscribes to the idea that the federal government should be providing choice in health care insurance, or if that choice should come vis a vis a vibrant and free market? Or have Republicants in Washington acquiesced to big government over free market principles? The enormity of courage it requires to do the right thing in the face of constant barrages of criticism, is what makes conservatism the path traveled by those who possess manly traits as opposed to the carefree and unprincipled path traveled by Democrats. Apparently many of our Republicant representatives in Congress have decided to skip down the yellow brick road of authoritarian government, arm-in-arm with their Democrat counterparts. Leaving a large swathe of freedom-loving Americans with no representation in congress, no choice in their own health care, and no support in stemming the tide of an evermore obese federal government and an evermore anorexic citizen.

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