Friday, April 11, 2014

The Whole Numbers Economy Replaced By Tenths

     Since the start of his administration, Barack Obama and his sycophants in the media and government have defended his failed policies by claiming that without them, things would have been worse. This circuitous logic stretches the reasonable mind into the oblivion of idiocy. The one has nothing to do with the other. Using the absence of the worse case scenario as a means to obfuscate the results of policies that are far below even the president's measures for them upon their implementation, is disingenuous at best and deliberately deceptive at worst. It is analogous to a child bringing home a report card with all F's and excusing it by saying, "Well I did not burn down the school."
     It has been breathtaking to witness the American people becoming evermore satisfied with lower and lower expectations from Barack Obama. Our whole numbers economy has been replaced with a tenths economy. Economic data that use to show improvement in whole numbers, now is considered worthy of record high stock prices when it moves only a tenth of a percent. And this five years into a recovery from a recession.
     You may have heard reports yesterday that the initial claims for unemployment benefits last week dropped to the lowest level in seven years, only 300 thousand claimed benefits for the first time. However, while the administration and some in the financial world crow about an "improving labor market," what they do not say is that first time claims are a corollary to the Labor Force Participation Rate, which is at a forty year low. The first time claims for unemployment benefits would naturally decrease because of the lack of workers remaining in the work force that can be cut from companies payrolls.
     The United States economy is still carrying a record number of long-termed unemployed, and that does not even count the millions of unemployed that the administration has moved to the disability roles upon expiration of  their unemployment benefits. Some experts have claimed that this little trick has saved the president at least a full percentage point on the unemployment number. This assertion is supported by the government's own U-6 unemployment number which counts all the unemployed, a number that currently occupies a space north of 12%.
     And even when Barack Obama cheats, as he has done by changing the calculations and formulas of key statistics to make them more favorable to his administration, the unemployment rate is still at 6.7%.  Considering the results of his cheating, one could only conclude that Barack Obama is either the most incompetent president ever to occupy the office, or he has deliberately destroyed the United States economy as part and parcel to the chip he has on his shoulder for this country. Either way the American people have been made to suffer hardship, mediocrity, and an ineffable loss of liberty.

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