Friday, April 18, 2014

Fringe Right Hurts The Cause Of Liberty ?

     This past week I have been corresponding with some of the fringe elements of the Right through Face Book. It is an ideology which seeks to protect the Constitution of the United States of America by using the same thug tactics that the Left uses to supplant that document with their own form of "freedom." While the Lefts version of "freedom" is constructed of bigger government that supplies an ever longer list of free stuff, the fringe Rights' version of "freedom" is constructed of no government and armed rebellion to bring it about. I have been unfriended by Neanderthal "fringies" who will tolerate nothing less than their own words regurgitated back to them. They are not interested in facts or data, and as such are much like the Left that they say they abhor.
     Intellect being the better part of perspicacity, the fringe Right would do well to read the constitution and not just simply use it as a symbol around which to rally the misguided troops. The only sane way in which to stem the tide of the bureaucratic tyranny practiced by federal agencies like the Bureau of Land Management, and hundreds more, is by employing the instruments of redress prescribed by the Founders in the documents which form the basis of this nation. Any other method will destroy the very freedom the fringe Right claims to want to protect.
     As defenders of the Constitution we must elect leaders who will have the intestinal fortitude to purge the federal slate of the Leftist influence that permeates the government and destroys all the decent and moral concepts that were bequeathed us by our ancestors. It is going to take courage for these men to keep stabbing at the beast that has been created while being pummeled by media and Leftist politicians whose benefit it serves to keep the beast alive. Men like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Trey Goudy, et al. What we do not need are pretenders to the throne of liberty like Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Jeb Bush, and the rest of the "Hole In The Constitution Gang" that can not shoot straight when liberty and freedom beckons.
     The Left has been patient, and has brought this nation to the brink of tyranny over the last hundred years. We must be just as patient and diligent in pulling it back. Victory for liberty does not come in a neat little package of one stand off at a ranch in Nevada, or in the election of a "savior" for president. It may take decades to undo the damage done over the last hundred years. The ship of state is a massive vessel, and turning it around is not an easy or quick task. And the only president of the last hundred years that shrank the federal government during his tenure was Calvin Coolidge. So the massive intrusion of government into the lives of the citizen did not begin with Barack Obama, it has traversed this last century and has taken up residence in Republicant administrations as well as Democrat ones.
     The fringe elements on the Right would suggest through their behavior and words, as well as their unwillingness to be intellectually honest enough to admit to information that contradicts their goals, that it is not liberty for which they struggle, but anarchy. And anarchy is more closely related to tyranny than it is to liberty. I had a vision last night that Woodrow Wilson was smiling and Ronald Reagan was crying. The former because his progressive dream was becoming a reality, and the latter because his life in the service of liberty is quickly coming to nothing because of those on the Left who wish to oppress a free nation, and those on the fringe Right who seem to want to usher in an age of nihilistic anarchy that is just as dangerous.    

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